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Journeyman III

Driver 15+ disabled 2 out of 5 displays

(AMD support referred me to you... see below)

A few months ago, I wanted to try Win10, so I updated all drivers, including graphics...

While still on Win7x64 EN pro with driver version Omega 14.12 everything was fine...and after upgrading (only the graphic driver) to 15.7.1, 2 displays were disabled (they are shown in the Catalyst Control Center, but nothing happened when I try to extend or duplicate to activate those displays).

I then reverted to 14.12 (still on Win 7) and those 2 displays were up and running again.

Then I updated to Win10 and was forced to use the newest graphic driver (since 14.12 doesn't support Win10).

The setup is:

  Main card: Radeon R9 280X (Sapphire Vapor-X) with main display (LG W2442PA, 1080p)(working) connected via HDMI, 2 others displays connected via DVI (LG W2242TQ, 1680x1050 native and max)(not working)

  Second card: Radeon HD5450 with 2 LG W2242TQ connected (one via DVI, the other via VGA) (both working fine, before and after the update)


or more friendly schematic (with numbering... useful further below):

  #1 R9 280X (HDMI) --> (HDMI) LG W2442PA

  #2 R9 280X (DVI)  --> (DVI)  LG W2242TQ (those 2 were the one not working)

  #3 R9 280X (DVI)  --> (DVI)  LG W2242TQ (those 2 were the one not working)

  #4 HD5450  (DVI)  --> (DVI)  LG W2242TQ

  #5 HD5450  (VGA)  --> (VGA)  LG W2242TQ

Since then, I've contacted AMD support... and the final verdict... this is beyond their capacities to help me (they referred me to this forum)

If you want to see the setup and the behavior (The display that are not working in windows are working in the bios stage):

(and all info provided to the support is avaliable here:

What has been done and tested:

  • Using Beta drivers (15.10 at the time): no luck (uninstalling always done with the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility)
  • Updating the BIOS: done, no effects for the problem (motherboard: Asus P6T deluxe V2)
  • Having the support doubt it's possible to use more than 2 display without a display port and suggesting to use an active DP to DVI to path the problem (since I don't have this king of adapter, this has not been tested... but as we concluded... It worked before with 14.12 and as I'll explain further below, I managed to make it work with a newer it's a software problem... not an hardware one... so... it would be a path, not a real solution to use an adapter)
  • simple test: unplugging one of the non-working display (to see if the no 3 display without DP is indeed my problem)... no luck... with #2 or #3 unplugged, nothing changed with driver 15.7.1 on Win10
  • testing without the second card (HD5450)
    • I kept only #1 plugged in, uninstalled the drivers and rebooted
    • Simple curiosity: I tested the AMD autodetectutility.exe to see what driver I should use... it detected my R9 as a RADEON HG7*** Series PCIe ?
    • Installed 15.7.1 anyway (as asked by the support) (after the installation, I used the autodetectutility.exe again... it detected a R9 200 Series)
    • I opened Catalyst Control Center, it did indeed saw only one display
      • plugged in #2, it activated by itself
      • plugged in #3, it shows in Catalyst Control Center, but can't be activated without first disabling another one (#2 disabled and #3 enabled successfully)
      • I also tested the other way around (plugging #2 first or inversing the connections (plugging #2 where #3 was and vice-versa) but nothing different)
    • I unplugged #2 and #3, leaving only #1. Shutdown of the computer and plugging #2 and #3 while the computer is off. After booting up... I couldn't enable #2 or #3 (so same problem as with the HD5450 reproduced with only the R9, on Win10 with driver 15.7.1)
    • uninstalled 15.7.1 and installed the suggested version (autodetectutility.exe): radeon-crimson-15.11-minimalsetup.exe
      • while installing, #1 and #3 are up... after the installation is complete, #1 and #2 are up and impossible to use AMD radeon setting to enable the 3rd display... (only 2 display visible/detected)
      • but using Windows display settings, I can activate #3 (This is why I said before I could use 3 display without a DP on diver version 14.12 and the newest driver (well.. newest... a few weeks ago) (and after that, AMD radeon settings detected the 3 displays)
    • I added back the HD5450 and.. for the drivers ... the latest for HD5450 is 15.7.1... which refuse ton install (a newest driver is already installed... logic)... but Windows tells me there's a problem with the driver (shown as Microsoft Basic Display Driver"
      • Windows updates propose an update for "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. driver for AMD R9 200 Series"... I apply it and also "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Driver update for AMD Radeon 5450"
      • #2 and #3 are down... but I can easely enable #4 with Windows Display Settings... and AMD Radeon Stettings refuse to load (Host Application has stopped working)
    • Clean install of crimson 15.11 while both graphic adapters are plugged in (radeon-crimson-15.11-win10-64bit.exe)
      • after the install, #1 and #4 are actives
      • with Windows Display Settings, I enable # 2 and #3 (I now have 4 displays actives)
      • I tried plugging in #5... detecting it in Display Setting disable #2 and #3

In the end... I (currently) can have 4 displays at the same time (and choose to have #1 #2 #4 #5)

Does anyone have any idea to help me out on this / help me understand why I worked fine before and now it doesn't?

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Journeyman III

Re: Driver 15+ disabled 2 out of 5 displays

I've just updated to 15.12 and still no improvements (4 out of 5 displays working)