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Could we get an AMD cpu development package(CPU&MB) for software optimizations?

Hello AMD&Community,

First, this question is directed to AMD employees, regular users probably don't have much to help with this question.

We are a 2 people team working on Open Source C++ Libraries (mainly) used in games, examples of these libraries are Archive(ZIP..) Reader and Writers, and we also make and maintain libraries like asset(Textures, Models, Levels, saves) saving and Loading libraries. Our libraries are used by lot's of Unreal Engine and Unity game developers.

Now all is going well except for one(big) thing: We got reports from Game Developers that our software mentioned above is significantly slower on AMD CPU's then on Intel CPU's.

This is something we would really like to solve, but we lack the hardware needed.

We both use Intel hardware, and thus are unable to optimize(as we need to test our software).

Now, we would both really like to buy the hardware ourselves, but don't have the money to do so.

Thus we came to you(AMD), we hope you could provide us with an AMD Ryzen(preferably 5 or 7) CPU so we could start developing(new) and optimizing our(existing) libraries.

We initially asked this at the AMD support form, they redirected us here:

So our question, could you kindly provide us with a CPU and Compatible Motherboard combo so we can optimize our code?

This will speed up lot's of games on the AMD platform, and provide a more stable FPS.(In games)

We do already have the other needed parts.

We are awaiting your reply,



Or now we think about it, just the CPU might be okay too, motherboards aren't too expensive here.