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Journeyman III

AMD 7000 Series Cards are not Virtual Reality supported with Oculus

I discovered that AMD 7000 series GPU cards are not supported 

It was barely working last year, but since this year everything I play for Quest 2 pc linked crashes, freezes, stalls. Upon investigating it looks like you guys do not support VR at all anymore. I will never purchase a AMD GPU card again. This is awful. I'm stuck with this card for awhile now. 

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Journeyman III

I run both 6700xt and 7800xt without any problems with meta quest 3 using both airlink and cable link. (two identical pc’s exept gpu: 5600x, 32gb ram)
Never felt the need for virtual desktop app, i only use official link app from meta.

From other forums i have read this is what i found out:

7000 series cards are VR ready. More than capable enough. Its headset manufacturers fault that they dont offer support for what is a 1yr old card series already.

Not AMD’s fault!

Hopefully one AMD official can confirm this.


P.S. I play DCS wich is a weird title in VR even if you use a Nvidia card. No problems at all with the 7800xt!



I have recently bought the Meta Quest 3 and I have been using the Air Link and Cable with my AMD 6650XT without any problems.

If I remember correctly, the only thing that I had to was to downgrade my AMD Drivers to the current previous version due to some kind of incompatibility with my Steam VR that I tried to run while using the Air Link (could be solved by now I haven't tried to update my drivers ever since).

Lately I have been thinking to upgrade my GPU to either AMD 7800XT or Nvidia 4700 / 4700 Super. Most likely I will go for the 7800XT, if I do I will let you know how it works with my Quest 3.