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Journeyman III

295x2 MDP to HDMI 2.0 Active/M43-C1 4k 60hz Win10 64bit HELP

Newest drivers 16.1.1 hotfix Vizio 43" 4k TV HDMI PORT 5

I have been trying to battle getting this 295x2 xfx to achieve 3840x2160 @ 60hz forever....

I have a accell active adapter

I have a club3d active adapter

I cannot get this 4k tv to run @ 60hz for the life of me..

I get no signal. I'm using a 18gbps cable that's 6ft the recommended size from AMD

I believe the issue is either windows 10 or being that the 295x2 cannot output 60hz

(But amazon reviews state that win7 64 bit actually achieve 60hz)

I also noticed my 4k tv in device manager is listed generic non pnp aggravating really..

Besides ripping my hair out and setting this card on fire any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for you time.

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