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Journeyman III

When extruding and then circularize, my circle end up twisted

So the title is pretty self explanatory, but when I'm extruding a face and offset it to make an inner rectable and then circularize the face, my circle is twisted. (See picture). If I just circularize before extruding, it works fine (except it is not what I want, because that rectangle needs to stay as it is) If I use the cutting tool to create a rectangle, it works too (except the vertexes are not aligned to the rectangle, which is suppose to happen when circularizing the extruded rectangle). So I have no idea what is the problem, except extruding. And I know it doesn't happen if I did not transform my cube first, by scaling it for example. I can use the twist command after circularizing, but my vertexes are still not aligned, so it is not good and will affect my project in the future (See picture).

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