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Journeyman III

Radeon pro render full of bugs

Hello, Denoiser setup is not working.

render time now slower , simulation maya not supporting , fog is not supporting , volume lights not supporting , motion blur is bug ,ptex texture not supporting , renderer is not have bloom ,sss matrials not supporting ,displacement is bug ,

OMG ,what are you doing guys????!!!!

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1. As for the issue with Denoiser, could you provide systems spec and OS? Also, could you send some images and/or scene that your are having this issue with?And which Denoiser type are you currently using?

2.Render time now slower issue. Is it a specific scene that this issue is occuring on? Could you provide this scene? It's possible that Maya nodes are being baked which can cause slower render times.

3. Regarding Simulation. Currently, we support Bullet, Ncloth , Maya Volumes, Mash. For Bifrost liquid, you need to mesh out the partlicles. Is there a specific Simulation system you would like to see ?

4.Regarding Fog. Currently, the only way to do this in RPR atm is use RPR volume material.

5. Regarding volume lights. Again, you can achieve this with RPR volume material. Assign the volume material to a cube and place a light inside the cube.

6. Regarding motion blur. Could you provide images showing the bug that you are experiencing? Also, are you using camera motion blurr or object? Currently, there are some known issues that motion blur will not work with rigid characters.

7.Regarding Ptex textures, I will provide a feature request about this to the developers.

8. Regarding renderer not having bloom: could you discribe this issue in detail?

9. As for SSS you for Uber material, you need to enable backscatering. If it's not working correctly, could you provide a scene and some images showing this issue?

10. Regarding diplacement. There are some known issues on this. Could you provide some images discribing the issue?

For each issue, could you also provide system specs, OS , and which version of Maya you are using?

Adept II

Hey yosefmohamed‌ i think the developers are doing their best .i think prorender need better documentation but either than that they are doing pretty well