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Windows® 10 Driver Support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products

Windows® 10 Driver Support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products

This document provides information about Windows® 10 driver support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products.

For the purpose of this document the term “Discrete Graphics” refers to a separate and detached adapter that is the designated primary graphics controller on a system.

This document does not apply to Integrated or On-die Graphics such as those found in motherboard chipsets and AMD APUs.   For more information about Windows 10 driver support for APU graphics please visit: Windows 10 Support for AMD APU systems

The content of this article is organized into the following sections:

  • Discrete AMD Graphics Products Supporting Windows® 10
  • Discrete AMD Graphics Products That Do Not Support Windows® 10

Discrete AMD Graphics Products Supporting Windows® 10

The following Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products support up to WDDM 2.0 and DirectX® 12:

  • AMD Radeon™ R9 Series Graphics
  • AMD Radeon™ R7 Series Graphics
  • AMD Radeon™ R5 Series Graphics (R5 240 and up)
  • AMD Radeon™ R5 M200 Series and Radeon™ R5 M300 Series Graphics
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 8000 Series Graphics for OEM systems (HD 8570 and up)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 8000M Series Graphics for notebooks
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series Graphics (HD 7730 and up)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 7000M Series Graphics for notebooks (HD 7730M and up)

The following Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products support up to WDDM 1.3 and DirectX® 11:

  • AMD Radeon™ HD 8470 and HD 8350 for OEM systems
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series Graphics for OEM systems (HD 7670 and below)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 7000M Series Graphics for notebooks (HD 7600M and below)
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series/AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD 6000 Series Graphics
  • AMD Radeon™ HD 5000 Series/AMD Mobility Radeon™ HD 5000 Series Graphics

NOTE: If your graphics adapter is included on the list of supported products above, please install the latest AMD Catalyst™ Driver for Windows® 10 to fully enable its feature set. AMD Catalyst™ Driver can be downloaded from:

The following Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products support up to WDDM 1.1 and DirectX® 10.1:

  • ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 Series /ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4000 Series Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ HD 3000 Series /ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3000 Series Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ HD 2000 Series /ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2000 Series Graphics

These graphics products must be installed using display driver version: 8.970.100.9001. This driver is provided as a courtesy and only available via Windows Update. Please enable Windows Update and allow it to detect and install the appropriate driver.

NOTE: ATI Radeon™ HD 4000/ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4000, ATI Radeon™ HD 3000/ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3000, and ATI Radeon™ HD 2000/ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 2000 Series Graphics reached peak performance optimization on October, 2013. No additional driver releases are planned for these products.

Discrete AMD Graphics Products That Do Not Support Windows® 10

The following is a list of graphics products that do not have driver support Windows® 10:

  • ATI Radeon™ X1### Series/ATI Mobility Radeon™ X1### Series Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ X### Series/ATI Mobility Radeon™ X### Series Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 9000 Series Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 8500 Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 7500 Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ DDR Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 7000 Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 7000VE Graphics
  • ATI Radeon™ 7000LE Graphics

Windows® 10 will install the default Microsoft® Basic Display Driver (MBDD) for these graphics adapters. MBDD provides basic display functionality (low resolutions and color) on a single monitor but DOES NOT support:

  • Display scaling control
  • Multiple displays
  • Display rotation
  • Video capture
  • Power settings
  • VSync control
  • Brightness control on integrated display panels
  • AMD Catalyst™ Control Center

If your system is equipped with an AMD Radeon™ X1### Series product or older, you may consider the following options:

  1. Continue using the existing operating system.
  2. If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and would like to revert back to the previous version of Windows, refer to this Microsoft page for instructions
  3. Upgrade to an AMD graphics product that provides Windows® 10 support. For information about resellers and product availability, visit:

NOTE: Before upgrading ensure that your system meets the requirements of the graphics adapter, such as

  1. Motherboard with compatible graphics card slot
  2. Adequate power supply unit to handle the complete system power requirement
  3. Display with compatible connections
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Funny how these cards can work great in windows 8, and now all the sudden, under similar OS, not work at all. Guess I'll be looking to make the switch, and it wont be with another ATI / AMD product.

This needs to be a sticky and required reading before any post containing the words "Windows 10". There are to many people who won't read, and to many people like the poster above who refuse to understand .

OK wish I read this earlier, why can you guys not stick this to the front of the drivers question page CLEARLY AT THE TOP.

Not creating a driver for a legacy product THAT ISN'T EVEN THAT OLD is complete bull and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. The 4000 series, which I have, came out in 2008 - 7 years ago. Shoot that does sound old. Anyway it's still bull and you know it probably wouldn't take that long to at least do the 4000 series, 8 years of support sounds good. Certainly better than 7 years.

Can you at lest give me a 30% off coupon or something, I need to be able to use HDMI port to illegally watch movies at home so it looks like i'm going to have to upgrade my shoty HP laptop. Can I buy a used 7000 series from you guys ("used" as in, new, but you give me it almost for free because I am an angry, funny customer - it will be good PR and I will boast about how cool you guys are). Believe it or not but I do have a large online audience through a commonly accessed channel - I will gloat.

This post started as me extremely angry and ended with me begging for a free graphics card. My mind actually went that way, I have ADHD. I type as if I am talking to myself.

Anyways, yeah you guys suck for not supporting these PRODUCTS. I should sue you guys, hope you have professional liability insurance.


Refuse to understand that ATI / AMD just left a ton of users int he dark?  Hell, even Nvidia went and enabled WMMD 1.0 in their win10 drivers to make basic functionality work correctly. You know, like rotating screens, dual output, and normal resolutions that the cards are perfectly capable of. We shouldn't have to scour the net for obscure workarounds to make basic functions work in perfectly capable hardware.

I expect having some issues in a new OS, a 4 hour video driver install for 2D operations is not one of them.

Why does AMD tell windows 10 to install the new drivers when the drivers do not work with the older monitors? in my case a HD4830.

I was working fine with Windows 10 preview until I received a windows update on 8/8/2015. Then the driver did not work with my multiple displays.

I rolled back the driver to 8.970.100.9001 and it seems now to work OK but subsequent windows update would not work showing an error (0x800705b4) due I am told to invalid hardware drivers. Now the windows update seems to be working. 

Is it alright to use the older driver?

Why does AMD not just tell Windows Update or users just to use the old driver for this card?

Do you think that as Windows 10 continues to roll out, as an automatic install to people's machines, that they will first roll over to this site and search out a single forum post that tell them that AMD is forcing them to update hardware?

(You know, instead of doing like big green and just making the things work with normal 2D functions within the scope of the kernel?)

It Mean's we never use win 10 in our product

please someone help me what i do if i want to use win 10 os

My laptop was working fine with older drivers when windows 10 was in technical preview. Since the official release it hasn't worked. I call BS on amd.

someone could explain this to me?

  • HD 7000 Series gráficos AMD Radeon ™ (HD 7730 or higher)

my card is a RADEON HD7650A, It is not mentioned even once anywhere!


There appears to graphic option switchable.

the driver is installed, the CCC is installed but never appeared to switchable graphics option.


that's the only thing that appears in the CCC.

since the 29th of last month I have this problem. I wish someone pronounced for the first time.

My computer is DELL INSPIRON 2330 ALL IN ONE

CoreI5 2.8

8gb ram

Intel Graphics

AMD Radeon HD7650A

Right now I appreciate everyone's attention.

I'm waiting for some statement about this issue.

I'm using a laptop with a built-in HD4650. It's 2.4GHz i3 with 4GB of RAM, running 8.1 pro, about 4 or 5 years old. No hardware Windows 10 would worry about.

And now, the update to Windows 10 won't be possible, because you're not supporting HD 4xxx any more?

I'm sorry, but you might have to look up the phrase "customer care", otherwise you might have to look for "customer"...

I really have to tell you: If you won't change your mind and start supporting some more of the HD-products with Windows-10-drivers, the HD 4650 and the HD 7700 in my other PC were definitely the last AMD/ATI GPUs ever.

I hope, you re-think your decision, because the GPUs were doing fine as long as they got supported drivers.

Thank you in advance!

The list of missing capabilities does not include inability to play videos. The old drivers do not support Adobe Flash or any other video player I've found, so YouTube and anyone else using Flash Player for videos are useless. I have a laptop that uses the Radeon Mobility 4200 adapter. I don't think upgrading my hardware is an option for me or any of the thousands of other laptop users who ended up with ATI/AMD Radeon adapters.

Weird how the post states my card (Radeon Mobility HD 4670) won't support high resolution or multiple monitors under WinX, yet, out of the box, after upgrading to Windows 10 I have both! Both monitors (primary laptop monitor and 27 inch BenQ EW2740L) are displaying at 1920x1080, with extended display. My only problem is that I have the black border and fuzzy text showing on my external monitor and need CCC to change the overscan setting to get rid of it. CCC just won't install (to be precise, the older version I used on Win 8.1 will install but, on running it, it politely tells me there's nothing for it to manage.)

If anyone can point me to a version of CCC I can install that will let me manage my settings I'd be forever grateful!


but my laptop have not support graphics driver

becouse i use AMD A4-MX 3330 processor with win10

what i do please suggest me

thanks& regards


This is BS. My 4670 was working fine with Windows 8.1. and now no support for Windows 10? No wonder you are going down the drain!!!

IMAG1070.jpgAfter updating to latest version of AMD driver for AMD Radeon HD 8000 series , my system shows blue screen with massage of internal_power_error and it restart system automatically when ever I log in to system. I uninstall it and then system works smoothly but when ever I start system, it get latest update automatically and start doing same problem again. Now I disable graphic card from bios and using system and unable to use AMD graphic card and no game runs with out it. Please rectify bugs in below link driver. thank you.

Drivers & Software - HP Support Center.

The same card as mine exoz, and I now have it working fine. Do a search on "fix overscan windows 10", there will be a search result titled "How I fixed overscan/underscan issues on an ATI card without Catalyst Control Center" from The answer there requires a registry hack so only proceed if you're comfortable with that (both doing the hack and how to do it.) Once you've done it you need to change from the default after the winx upgrade resolution of 1920x1080-59hz to 1920x1080-60hz and all should work ok. I now have both the laptop screen and the external 27" monitor working as expected under winx (and as they worked under win7 and win8.1.)

As stated by the person who posted the fix, no guarantees - anything involving a registry change is done at your own risk.

Same problem like others.

I have an ATI Radeon HD 4650 in a Laptop Dell Studio 1747,  i7 1.6 GHz Quad Core with 4GB RAM.

The gpu is soldered on motherboard

Really this laptop have enought requirements to run Windows 10.

Please, can you provide a HD 4XXX series supported driver for Windows 10?

I'm sure a lot of customers are disappointed with that situation.

There will be no Windows 10 drivers for products earlier than the HD500 series.  They do not meet Windows 10 requirements.

Thanks ray_m for your answer

But with this technical or political decision so many customers/user must to buy another laptop or pc to have windows 10.

Obviously, if AMD doesnt want to provide a new driver there is no option.

But, so many machines with HD 4XXXX GPU will work so good with windows 10.

And i'm sure thats de point for other customers like me.

My question is: Is it posible amd think about provide driver HD 4XXX support in short?


Please see

There you'll find:

  • Graphics card:DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display:800x600

You're the expert, but as far as I can tell, the Windows 10 requirements of Microsoft are not the reason, why AMD doesn't provide Windows 10 drivers for products earlier than HD5000.

So, again: Please provide drivers for these products for Windows 10!

Thank you!


I've got a Toshiba Satellite P50B with :

Intel i7-4710HQ CPU

Intel HD Graphics 4600

AMD R9 M265X

Since I upgraded to W10, and updated every driver, when I need to use AMD GPU, I got a blue screen and the message "Thread Stuck in Driver Device".

I try to unistall ATI Catalyst and every related software, including the driver itself and reinstalling everything, but the problem isn't solved..

Has anybody an idea on this ?

Thanks for your help

I'm going to try this possible solution. (gpu hd 4650)

This microsoft post is about windows 8.1 but windows 10 compatibility test page refers it.

i hope we're lucky

Good news!

Ati Mobility Radeon v.8.970.100.9001 driver (01/13/2015) works (for me)

Now i have 1600x900 resolution in a 17" laptop with GPU HD4650 and Windows 10 x64!!!

With other version drivers only i had 3 posible dysplay resolutions to select:

1152x864, 1024x768 or 800x600

With this version driver the maximum resolution is 1600x900 of 11 posibilities.

I hope this post could help you.

The two guys amd has working on drivers are about worn out. Maybe amd need to hire two more worn out guys

It would be nice if AMD would comment about using this old 8.970.100.9001 driver. I asked back in August 12 but no response.

If these drivers work why does AMD not just say so rather than suggest everyone buys a new card?

Also, will these drivers be blown away by a next Windows Update?

hi dcmackie.

In the final version of Windows 10 we can septup "Never install driver software from Windows Update"

Instructions of how to in How to Uninstall and Block Updates and Drivers on Windows 10

I prefer not to worry about an automatic driver installation that can get me in trouble

Upgraded to win10. Messed with drivers. Never can play with black bars even with maintain aspect ratio enabled

A confused user here, I have an AMD Radeon HD 6410D which from this post should be OK with Windows 10 but it is not. Can somebody give me an accurate answer as to how to get this working properly. Driver version is 15.200.1023.7 and the msg from MS is "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

thanks... Paul

People are failing to understand a couple of things:

1-Yes, your system perfectly meets the minimum system requirements of windows 10. Minimum being the keyword here. If your system meets just the minimum requirements, you can expect the minmal amount of functionality or services, like in a video game, where in a similar situation, you have to trade graphics for performance. In this case, you have to trade advanced functionalities for the sake of the compatibility of the more basic functionalities, like video displaying.

2-As systems evolve, certain features in both hardware and software become industry standard. That means that those features are expected to exist, function and be supported in all new developed hardware and software. Microsoft defined that products that do not support THEIR WDDM standard (WDDM 1.2 or later) are not fully supported by Windows 10, since the advanced features Windows 10 requires cannot function in Radeon 4000HD cards or earlier. Sure, you can still get all the basic graphics features, as Microsoft provides a generic driver for that purpose, but they will not work with AMD to make a driver that would, somehow, emulate the features that those cards cannot physically support. It would be buggy, slow and a waste of time for both parties.

This said, if you want the advanced features for your graphics cards to work, you have to revert to Windows 8.1, or, if you have a desktop, get a new graphics card. If you have a laptop, i understand your frustration, laptops are expensive, and virtually impossible to upgrade. But there is not much that can be done about that.

Sorry, but I have to say, that there's a big gap between the "minimum requirements" and the features e.g. the HD4000-Series offer!

For the hardcore 3D-gamer, emulating the missing hardware-functions might be a problem, but those guys usually buy more recent cards.

For the normal user (and casual gamer) the minimum requirements according to Microsoft (Graphics card:DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver) could be easily fullfilled by HD4-Series-GPUs and would result in a perfect user response of the system.

Functions like video display, the aero features, or simple 3D-games were no problem with Windows 8.1 and my HD4650, but now they're broken, because Windows 10 has higher requirements? Think again!

There's no real change in the requirements for these functions, so why aren't they supported any more?

As I said: Look up "customer care" or look for "customer" - don't tell them, they're "failing to understand a couple of things"!

It does not matter what AMD could or could not do. Microsoft defined the WDDM.

If you are interested, you can read more about the Windows Display Driver Model here:

Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) Design Guide (Windows Drivers)

Here is explained what is new on each version of the WDDM. On each subsequent version, there are new features for the WDDM. And older cards simply did not have the features required for newer versions of the WDDM. I simply do not think that this is a matter of "We could do it, but we do not feel like it", i think it is more like "We shouldn't/couldn't do it".


I think this part of the text on the link above clears some things up:

"If display hardware is attached to a Windows 8 computer without a driver that is certified to support WDDM 1.2  or later, the system defaults to running the Microsoft Basic Display Driver."

I assume the same goes for Windows 10 and WDDM 2.0.

So, even if AMD developed a driver to support the features that are present on Windows 8.1 for Windows 10, they would not be able to get Microsoft to certify it, because it would not meet the standards of WDDM 2.0.

Microsoft created the standard, if people feel like the standard is wrong, they should pressure Microsoft to change the standard, or to review their driver certification policy.

My use of the old 8.970.100.9001 driver WAS blown away with the update to 10525.

See attached for instructions from NavyLCR to go back to the older driver which now seem to work:

Windows 10 Forums

I would still like AMD to confirm that we can use these old drivers in windows 10 rather than telling everyone to get a new card.

ok guys here are the facts you have a older card and by the way 7 years is pretty old in pc world buth never the less amd should help those who have a amd product in his pc buth old or new it dont matter becaus i have a new radeon x r390 whit 8 gig ddr5 and 512 bit card in my pc bought it three weeks ago and in windows 10 my games all crash the box says supported windows 10 buth there is a problem whit the driver of ccc and amd dont have the answer i am building my computers and other ones for abouth 15 years always amd and asus buth now i think i gonna switch to intel and nvidia they help the people its more expensive ok buth now i payd for a new motherboard 200 euro from asus and a processor also 200 from amd and my card was 400 its 800 if i did 300 euro more my pc run like a train and now i am waiting for a answer amd dont know???

this is not the way you getting customers its the way you loose customers

On the contrary,  I have already informed you that we're looking into the issues with your R9 390.

srry i didnt say that you are not looking into it i say that you didnt know the answer because if you did i have already had the solution and by the way i was talking to the guys here on the forum that it isnt only the old cards buth also the new that give problems buth if you are honest to us and to you it is weird that only amd has issues whit a os that being build for two years and nvidia have all the problems fixt??

Thanks for the link!

I will take a look at it until next week.

I have an HD5770 card. After upgrading to Windows 10 it worked fine with the driver I had. After installing the new Windows 10 driver last weekend I began having problems.

I ultimately did a clean install of Windows 10. I first installed the LAN driver that came with the mobo so I could get to the internet. I then installed your new driver with the Catalyst suite.  Afterward the system tray disappeared and apps would launch but not display. Ctl-alt-del would not even display a screen. The start menu would display and I could launch functions from it but they wouldn't display.

I tried to reinstall, each time formatting the SSD. For some reason the Catalyst suite remains and I have the same problem.

I have an ASRock Z97 Killer mobo, 16 gig of memory, a 256 gig Adata Premier Pro S900 SSD.

My PC has been down now since Monday.

Any help would be appreciated.

Okay, checked the link, and my computers - and much more...

I ran the Windows 10 upgrade on the notebook despite the "not-supported" HD4650 integrated GPU.

And - it just worked! Native resolution of the notebook (1680x945), I tried video playback, even a small 3d game (free Supertux), which rendered 48fps in 1680x945

Why are you telling people, this GPU does not support Windows 10?

I checked the driver:

v. 8.970.100.9001 dated 2015-01-13

Supports WDDM 1.1 and DirectX 10.1 (so much for your assumption, lordcookies 😉

The notebook was bought in November 2011, so it's not even 4 years old...

At the List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I found the GPU was launched back in September 2008 - ups, and it was still sold 3 years later...?

I took a look over the fence, too:

I already mentioned my other PC with the HD7700. I bought the HD7700 card after the Onboard NVidia 8200 became way too slow (at least, it felt that way).

So it was easy to compare the NVidia driver support for the old 8200...

The board was bought in 2009, almost exactly 6 years ago.

I switched the video back to the NVidia 8200: After I initiated a driver update check in the device manager for the NVidia GPU, the driver was found automatically (dated 2015-06-29). It installed the same version I can find on NVidias website when looking for NVidia 8200 + Window10/64Bit (which is no problem!). The control center is working as expected.

It supports WDDM 1.2 and DirectX 10

At the List of Nvidia graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I found a launch date of 2008

The comparison at uses "insanely better" and "hugely faster" to describe the HD 4650 performance against the NVidia 8200.

To make a long story short:

Both GPUs are launched at about the same time 7 years ago (and the one from AMD was produced for such a long time, that it could be found in a notebook bought in Nov.2011...)

The HD4650 has much, much, much more performance than the 8200, so one might expect it to last longer until it becomes to slow for the daily use (which includes the assumption, how much longer it might be supported...)

For both, it's possible to get drivers which do support Windows 10.

The main difference:

AMD says, there are no such drivers for Windows 10

NVidia just offers them as official download from their website

Hey, ATI/AMD "customer care", there we are again!

I knew, you were not so techno, but more the sales guy.

But maybe this time it was the last time we (almost) met...

I guess, that's my last post in this thread. You might guess, why...

I'm sorry for those of you, who really suffer from the "official" lack of drivers - maybe you can go in the device manager and let Windows 10 check for an updated driver and maybe it will find something which doesn't "officially" exist.

"Scotty, beam me up!"

ok it is now 3 days later not have any answer giving at all buth i am still not getting to play any decend game my card is good maybe a good patch from ccc would do the trick?

or maybe i should go back to os w7 its your call mister amd what you think?

if amd wants to survive the battle between nvidia and intel maybe you should try to solve the problems in the beginning when you know there wil be another os instead of waiting for the problems to come

you are selling graphics cards with the logo on the box windows10 suitable only for profit when you know they dont ?

or else is amd willing to give me back my money so i can buy another card?

it is only 3 weaks old so i have garantie if you do i will give you my account nr of my bank and i will send the card back to amd

i do think this is a warranty issue you provided something that doesnt worck so i have the warranty

what you think? mister amd

(Very) Last subspace transmission from an orbit around planet Sælfserwiz:

After a while, the laptop came up with blue screen and the error message VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE atikmpag.sys. This sounds like a driver problem, but I'm not sure, if it really was, because it hadn't started right after the Windows 10 update.

Besides this message, the screen output got corrupted, even after a restart while showing the BIOS messages or even when entering the BIOS. Very nasty and maybe a hardware failure?

I opened the case to find the cause (like overheated/burned components, lose plugs, something like that), but everything looked fine.

Then, I tried to get into safe mode - which from time to time had some corruptions to (looking like offsetting square parts of the screen).

I managed to kick some software off the computer, but the problem persist, until I removed the AMD driver (the one from January 2015).

With the Microsoft basic driver, the screen output wasn't corrupted any more (and the BIOS output became proper, too), but 1024x768 without hardware acceleration isn't really my favorite.

I tried to let the device manager install the latest driver for the HD4650 GPU, it managed to install the one from January 2015, but it refused to switch the screen resolution, even after (another) restart.

Then, I got back to Microsoft basic, installed the AMD Windows 7&8 driver for the HD4650 manually, and Windows 10 got (back) into the laptop's native solution and GPU accelerated mode. But that driver was built in 2013...

So let's try the device manager's update, again: Everything seems to install fine, after a short "black-switch" the native resolution came back. Until I rebooted: Hello basic driver 😞

I uninstalled everything from AMD, restarted with the basic driver and installed the 2013 AMD Windows 7&8 driver for the HD4650 manually. I didn't try to update it again, and the laptop seems to work.

That's how I spent most of my Saturday 😕

Maybe it helps others to spend their time better than struggling with an "unsupported product"...

Uhura: "Transmission lost, sir. Shall I try to get it back?" ...

My Windows 10 install went successfully and everything was great with my video driver until you installed a new driver on 8/21/15...I have an AMD RADEON HD 6520G installed in my laptop...why won't you let me have the driver release prior to the one applied on 8/21/15?  Please let me download the old driver release and let my laptop work properly again.  There is no reason for you not to allow me to use the older driver that was working just fine under Windows 10...If this is not possible, I will never buy another machine that has AMD hardware.  Just want my snipping tool back!

I have a Radeon 6470m, and it says it is compatible with windows 10.  But when I install the recommended AMD drivers, it changes to a 7400m in device manager, and i have no options in catalyst control center, and my laptop defaults to using integrated intel graphics. I had a look around, and loads of people have the same problem.  Please fix this, or at least stop giving false information.

The issue is not your Radeon 6470m/7400m, Rather it is related to the fact that you need to first update the integrated Intel Graphics adapter to Windows 10 before you install the driver for the discrete Radeon GPU.

I fully agree with most of your comments you guys have here.....all my problems started with Windows 10 install too...that was the hard drive error I was talking about in my post about the new Drivers not working and getting no support from support or the community..... WHY DID AMD   leave or make it so you had to do these odd work around things.... I did finally get my cards working again...still have some lag issues I never had before but my games are not shutting down and not getting the Video Drivers Have Stopped Working But Have Recovered messages,  be careful about putting complaints on the board....they will write you a email and put post on the board telling you they have closed the subject matter so you can not post anymore about it and tell everyone they only found a post you put in normal support years ago.... and not mention ones you tried to post there for help recently and say you have none.......thanks again Ray for your reply.....would have been really great to get a reply with some help instead of just reply's telling me where I have posted and where I can post ( all things I already knew )..... never a reply on ideas of what could fix my problem..... ATI/AMD was always good about support before...loved them...maybe some one higher up the latter should be looking at the post here so they can see why people are leaving or moving to Nvidia..just an idea ..... I still love the AMD CPU's over intel....have always purchased AMD over intel...think they are the best, I am honest so I can't say the same about the video cards any more.....take care.

Daniel Goggia 

You never know who you’re going to bump into on a community, my background in computer technology is somewhat mid range, I am now 62yrs young, retired, but still build computer systems and do programming in REXX and Visual Studio using C#, C++, I was on IBM’s Team OS/2 worked for them way back when…lol,  did work alongside Esther and Bill Schindler and a very good group of other supporters of OS/2 and IBM systems…. Would like to say good old days, but I think today’s time and techs are much more fun.  I did send in 2 reports to support, why they didn’t show up or way Ray could not see them, I have no idea, but I do believe He could not see them so I sent in the same report a 3rd time explaining the problems I am having since moving to Windows 10 and back to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit when AMD drivers and the Raptr program did not work right under Windows 10.  If I worked for AMD and worked the community board or main support, I did do support for IBM with OS/2 from the start and still give support for eComStation..what OS/2 has become today, when I read someone’s community comment like mine where I state the fact that I was not pleased with the support I was getting and that I had put in reports to support and community boards both, I would have never back then nor today wrote back to that person and told them, you did not put in a report, telling them in essence that they are lying, telling them they are posting in the community area, telling them where to post…when they have wrote in their comment on the community board already that they did put in a report to support, and not even addressing the problem they have clearly written out… not even address the problem, only tell them you don’t understand why they are upset, why can’t Ray understand a person is going to be upset when they have to spend a few days re-installing the OS and all programs Visual Studio 2015 and all the other many programs I have..insane to many… then re-installing the Video Cards and drivers expecting them to be back to normal but have them crash on you over and over again…. And yes a person should be upset that they didn’t work under Windows 10, developers and venders had enough time to make things work before the release date. Anyway, if a person under me back then and today would have wrote to a customer and actually accused them of lying saying they didn’t put in a report, where I would have said “ I am so sorry we didn’t get your report,  there must have been a problem with our input program would you please send it again, and let me give you a few ideas that may help with this problem until you get a ticket in to our support area”  yes if you worked for me I would tell you on the side one time that would you please respond to customers giving them the benefit of the doubt about them putting in a ticket, if they did what you did Ray, 3 times…. Yes if I was up the ladder from you, I would have and would terminate you from your spot…… that is a fact…. Good grief… in all these post you have had, not a word about what may be causing the problem..thank you again for your reply…..but really for what your reply’s are….please don’, I still sell computer systems..most all built with AMD CPU’s and Asus MOBO and ATI cards… just what I like and trust in, I still believe in the old adage “ the customer is always right” and give them the benefit of the doubt…. But that is just me, I do business that way and always will…. It is sad that AMD if they are all like you Ray, clearly do not….  I too now consider this matter closed..thank you... reports are in all three, support, and the last report bug.......


ok evrybody i solved the problem myself i deinstall windows 10 and install back windows 7

and see i can play evry game on high whitout any problems  so there is definitly something wrong whit amd and windows10

just say to the people here to deinstall windows10 and reinstall windows 7 or 8.1 problems are gone then and if you of amd solved youre issues of windows10 leth us now

then i gonna install 10 again buth at the mean time i will stay in 7 now i can play evrygame again even bo3 in high and tw3 also in high and in 10 i cant play any game

IMO, this is a direct result of Microsoft acting in collusion with AMD (and certain other companies -- NOT Lenovo, hint hint), to eliminate older laptops such as those with ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 graphics. Why do you think Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 for a 'limited' time? Out of the goodness of their hearts? I say nay of Microsoft's hem haw good natured 'limited' time offer during which, coincidentally', AMD will not come up with the necessary Win 10  driver(s)? It's all about the benjamins so the correct driver just 'might' become available when Microsoft starts charging retail for Windows 10.

Be smart and adjust accordingly to both Microsoft and AMD. I will.

Strange that there's supposed non-compatibility as nobody appears to have told my HD 4800 cards that...

In the interests of a little constructive input here's what I did and ended up with a working system (I wasn't even aware there would be a problem tbh!).


  • Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 motherboard
  • 2 x ATI HD4800 cards (Not in Crossfire mode and not connected using Crossfire cable)
  • AHCI mode for drives

Installation date: 26th August 2015

Clean install of the OEM Windows Pro 10 from DVD

Installed to a single screen initially without any problems with Windows pulling all the necessary drivers from Windows Update automatically

Moved machine to working location and plugged in all four of the monitors normally hooked into this machine

No problems whatsoever but also no CCC utility so no functionality tweaks available.

Driver details shown in Device Manager

  • ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
  • Driver Date: 13/01/2015
  • Driver Version: 8.970.100.9001

So, either I got lucky, something has been updated recently or the real problem is the need for a clean install rather than relying on upgrading an existing system. If it's the latter you may be able to get away with it by using the 3D Guru DDU to wipe the drivers before you try to upgrade to Windows 10 but that's a real stretch.

Hope that information is useful to someone.

EDIT: Wanted to update this as I have since found that video playback was appalling with the stock driver (noted above) and I spent some time experimenting with alternative approaches.

The key for me was finding this thread:

How to: Install Legacy Drivers on Windows 10 (With Catalyst Control Center)

Using the instructions included in that first post I was able to downgrade from the latest Windows 10 driver to version 8.970.100.0

and install CCC from the AMD_Catalyst_13.4_Legacy_Beta_Vista_Win7_Win8 driver

The only thing not noted was that the computer needed a reboot to make it all happen, and I also noted that my multi-monitor system required about 3 minutes for the driver to install itself while the screen flashed repeatedly throughout.

I now have CCC working and video playback is considerably better.

I have to conclude that while there may be some issues with this, possibly related to 3D rendering, etc... it is possible to use Windows 10 with the HD 4800 series of card and get a better performance from it (or "them" in my case) without using the latest, potentially hobbled, driver version.

Last point is to note that I disable automatic driver update as a matter of course so this may be why the current version is sticking... Hope this helps someone who was in the same boat.

I checked the driver:

v. 8.970.100.9001 dated 2015-01-13

Supports WDDM 1.1 and DirectX 10.1 (so much for your assumption, lordcookies 😉

The notebook was bought in November 2011, so it's not even 4 years old...

At the List of AMD graphics processing units - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I found the GPU was launched back in September 2008 - ups, and it was still sold 3 years later...?

Apparently you did not get even one paragraph into the link i posted.

Yes, your graphics card supports DirectX 10.1. Yes, there are official AMD drivers certified for WDDM 1.1 for your graphics card. For Windows 8.1 and older.

But not for Windows 10. That graphics card does not support the features imposed by WDDM 2.0. So Microsoft will not certify a driver made for it. It is simple as that. It is all on the side of Microsoft. Your complaints would have more of a weight there.

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