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Windows 10 Driver Support for AMD APU Graphics Products

Windows 10 Driver Support for AMD APU Graphics Products

This document provides information about Windows® 10 driver support for APUs with AMD Radeon™ Graphics.


For the purpose of this document the term “APU Graphics” refers to the On-die graphics adapter on an AMD APU that is the designated primary graphics controller on a system.

This document does not apply to Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products. For more information about Windows 10 driver support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics products, please visit: Windows® 10 Driver Support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products

The following AMD APU products with AMD Radeon™ Graphics support up to WDDM 2.0 and DirectX® 12 on Windows® 10:

  • AMD A6/A8/A10/FX-8000 Series APUs
  • AMD A4 Pro/A6 Pro/A8 Pro/A10 Pro/A12 Pro-8000 Series APUs
  • AMD E1/E2/A4/A6/A8/A10/FX-7000 Series APUs (except A4-7300 APUs)
  • AMD A4 Pro/A6 Pro/A8 Pro/A10 Pro-7000 Series APUs
  • AMD E1/E2/A4/A6-6#10 Series APUs
  • AMD E1/A4/A10 Micro-6000 Series APUs
  • AMD A4-5000, A4-5100 and A6-5200 APUs
  • AMD Athlon 5000 series APUs
  • AMD Sempron 2650 and 3850 APUs
  • AMD E1-2000 Series and E2-3000 Series APUs
  • AMD A4/A6-1000 Series APUs

The following AMD APU products with AMD Radeon™ Graphics support up to WDDM 1.3 and DirectX® 11 on Windows® 10

  • AMD A4-7300 APUs
  • AMD A4/A6/A8/A10-6000 Series APUs
  • AMD A4/A6/A8/A10-5000 Series APUs (except A4-5000, A4-5100, and A6-5200)
  • AMD A4/A6/A8/A10-4000 Series APUs

NOTE: If your graphics product is included on the list of supported products above, please install the latest AMD Catalyst™ Driver for Windows® 10 to fully enable its feature set. AMD Catalyst™ Driver can be downloaded from:

The following AMD APU products with AMD Radeon™ Graphics support up to WDDM 1.2 and DirectX® 11 on Windows 10:

  • AMD A4/A6/A8-3000 Series APUs
  • AMD E2-2000 APU
  • AMD E1/E2-1000 Series APUs
  • AMD E-200/300/400 Series APUs
  • AMD C-Series APUs
  • AMD Z-Series APUs

NOTE: These APU products must be installed only using the display driver version available via Windows Update. If you have upgraded to Windows® 10, please DO NOT install the AMD Catalyst™ Driver. Instead, enable Windows Update and allow it to detect and install the appropriate driver.

If you have already upgraded to Windows® 10 and installed the AMD Catalyst™ Driver, please follow the steps listed below to resolve this issu

  1. Uninstall the AMD Catalyst™ Driver using the Program and Features option in the Control Pane
  2. Reboot the system
  3. Use Windows Update to install the appropriate graphics driver for the APU.
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i agree 100%

I removed the old drivers and installed the new drivers through windows 10 update but the pc completely hangs when doing this. Had to manually shut it down and reboot. Afterwards the pc did work but still laggy on youtube and flash and problems with kodi 😞

Time for a good solution and time to remove HD6000 from the supported device list when downloading 15.7.1 catalyst on the official website.

I'm also curiouswhen a solution is found. I'm temporary going to install the beta drivers , but first remove everything with DDU again.

Only the specific HD6000 models listed at the top of this thread are not compatible with the Catalyst 15.7.1 driver for Windows 10.

Thank you for ignoring the questions about when the drivers described here, will be updated.

Starting to get fed up with AMD due to poor communication or nonexistence to clarify customers about this problems.

These drivers will have or not support for Windows 10?

I appreciate that my question will not be ignored!

Actually I did respond to this question, two weeks ago.



i have also a problem i bought three weeks ago a


evrytime i play a game i geth the same error video card driver has crashed and was reset it was whit bo2 and also whit ark evolved

this card cost me 400 euro  i have windows 10 my power supply is 900 watt have 16 gig memory ddr3 my processor is a amd fx 6 cores 4000 mhz so thats not the problem

and have the latest drivers ccc 15.7.1 so if anyone can help thank you

ok ty for solution? why o great graig hayes you didnt answer my question is a card from 400 euro not enough for a answer???

Hi, I have a Radeon HD 4800 card. Now I upgraded my Windows to Windows 10. I can't find my Catalyst Control Center, and my left screen is underscaled. What can i do?

Your card is not supported under Windows 10. Windows® 10 Driver Support for AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products

We're looking into the issue.

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad s415 Touch with AMD A6-5200 with HD8400 graphics...

Since updating to Windows 10 the only thing that works is the Beta Drivers 15.6. I have had hours of blue screen and rebooting in safe mode trying to fix. Ugh.

And only as long as I can hold off Windows from UPDATING the drivers. Wow what a pain!!


i have upgraded to windows 10 from my windows 8.1 MEDION AKOYA E4085D PC

processor: AMD A8-6500 APU with radeon(tm) HD GRAPHICS 3,50 GHz



I have a amd radeon 8570D

is this supported for directx 12. because if i look at dxdiag i only see 11.2 and i cant play fable legends beta since it only support directx 12

Your product only supports DirectX 11.

AMD Catalyst (15.200.1062.1004 August 3) Mobile/APU/Legacy Win 10 x64

<< Please do not provide direct links to software/drivers not from>>

If you wish to share the link, provide suggestions on how they may be found but do not ink directly.

I'll try them out very soon.

Hi all!

I have a problem with the new driver for Windows 10.

I have a HP laptop with AMD A8 and HD 6600 mobility series

I read this page: and follow this step:

If you have already upgraded to Windows 10, please follow the steps listed below to resolve this issue :

  1. Uninstall the AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 driver using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Control Panel
  2. Reboot the system
  3. Use Windows Update to install the appropriate graphics driver for your APU.

If you plan to upgrade to Windows 10, please do not install the AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 driver. Windows Update will automatically install the correct driver for your product.

But Windows 10 upgrade automatically the new driver and after the laptop does not work.

I tried this but don't work.

I'd suggest you use the Feedback app to provide that information directly to Microsoft, maybe they can fix it (the automatic update) ?

I got the same update too! I want to know if it's safe to install this new update as i don't want to mess up my computer! I'd like to know too if this new update fix the problemas that we have been experiencing before.



Ray, today I installed the update for my drivers from Windows update. And the problems come back again to my computer (the videos stay black) so I installed again the drivers 15.6 Beta for Windows 8.1 in Windows 10 and the problema is temporarily solve.

So I ask you if AMD will solve this problem, because this last drivers didn´t solve anything.

DXVA didn't work for me using "AMD Catalyst (15.200.1062.1004 August 3) Mobile/APU/Legacy Win 10 x64" drivers. PotPlayer showed only black screen, flash videos in Firefox were all green. I can't keep drivers which doesn't support DXVA properly. I came back to 15.6 bet for Windows 8.1 x64 and everything works again.

And I can't use my laptop??? Fix this bugged driver early


The new driver available doesn't solve the video playback problem, which was solved when I installed the beta driver for Win8.1.

I might be wrong, but I think that this problem happens because the Windows Update driver doesn't include the Advanced Video Transcoding feature, which is included in the beta package of Catalyst.

I have a

  • AMD Radeon HD6480G Series

Windows Update installed the Video Driver and I have issues playing MP4 video files;

I also installed the AMD Catalyst 15.7.1 driver for Windows 10 and that didn't work either.

At this moment I have the driver installed by Windows Update;

I reported the issue to:


There are a lot of reports about Windows 10 not playing mp4 files on either:

Windows Media Player 12 or Movies and TV player

These mp4 play fine on VLC player.

The files are not corrupted and were playing fine on Windows 8.1

They stopped playing after installing Windows 10.

All the moderators and members that offer help keep on answering the same thing over and over with unsuccessful results.

Codecs should not be an issue.  WMP played mp4s fine on Windows 8.1 and should too on Windows 10.

WMP plays mp4s fine on many Windows 10 computers.

WMP doesn't play mp4s on other Windows 10 computers.

What causes the issue.

The issue is not the mp4 files. 

Those having issues hear the sound but no video is displayed while playing on Movies and TV Player.

And those having issues get a codec error message in Windows Media Player.

I set up a lot of computers.  Not all have this issue.  I cannot narrow down what the problem is with the computers that do have a problem.

Any help will be appreciated.


Even After I told them it is not the MP4 files they still wanted samples so I replied with the following:


Any mp4 will do for testing, taken from your cell phone or any device, or any downloaded from internet sites.

Here is a link to some demo mp4 downloads:

I looked for a link for you to have with multiple samples available you you to download.

The issue is not in the files.  I did download many different videos from the link above and not worked on Windows 10.

They work fine with VLC Player and on some of the computers that have no issues it works on any Media Player.

The issue behind why it doesn't play on so many Windows 10 computers is still a mystery.

Thank you for your help in advance.


As expected no great help came from Microsoft either.

I'm looking into the driver now:

I'm hoping I get a better solution here, though it doesn't sound anyone is getting their issues resolved for the reading I'm done from this thread.

I'm hoping someone has the same or similar Graphics Card that I have and can provide a solution.

Thanks in Advance for your help.

I'll answer and try to help you.I would try Drivers 14.12 Omega win 8.1 and/or Driver 15.7 win 10.

Try an older driver for win 8.1

I have an HPTouchsmart 610 with an AMD Radeon HD 6450A. When I switched to Windows 10 the screen was totally blank (not even the cursor). This happened each time I reinstalled Windows 10 and could only sometimes get the screen back by turning off and hitting Esc. Is this problem caused by the same issues described in this thread? Most complaints seem to be about performance rather than the screen disappearing completely.

I've now switched back to Windows 7 and am working on the basis I may have to wait until I change my PC before getting Windows 10. If this is wrong any guidance would be appreciated.

Fixed my problem by disabling Fast Start-up in Windows 10 so that seems to have been causing the trouble.

ty amoco buth all ready did that ant it wont worck and dear graig still havent goth a answer so its good to know that if you buy something you geth the full support?

how long time will it take for looking in to  the issue just make a patch for the catalyst control center and fix the 15.7.1 patch because its not a good one

I have Radeon HD 6470M running on an Acer 7551G.

Windows 10 will happily update my driver for me using the method provided by @ray_m. Problem is, Windows misidentifies my hardware as HD 7400M. I get insufferably bad screen flicker on basic stuff like web browsing, to the point where the machine is barely usable.

I tried forcing the Windows 7 driver in via Device Manager, but this causes BSOD's and random reboots.

I truly don't know who's to blame for this but it is really not acceptable. This is legacy hardware and ought to be a slam dunk. @ray_m , any suggestions?

Try to do as I did and download the beta driver for Windows 8.1 in the AMD website. It's a temporary solution, but at least worked for me.

I did look, but the Win8.1 drivers are currently the 15.7.1 version. I'd need to find the prior version from a reputable source.

Update: Tried 15.6 for Win 8.1 but didn't do anything. The package didn't seem to include the driver at all, just the Catalyst software.

And the community ignored again, and again......

Yes, I was checking into the .inf files in the extracted folder of the package and it really doesn't include the driver for your device. Try to search for earlier packages for Windows 8.1, one must have the driver you need.

Completely agree 100%.

AMD need to do the Catalyst system that works with decent drivers under Windows 10 for the HD 6550D.

They could have tested them under the Windows 10 Insider for at least 8 months.



Ray_M, can you please get that information as there are a lot of unhappy AMD customers that currently won't buy AMD products again because you don't update drivers with ones that work under Windows 10 for the 6530 D in your older APU's.



I'm sorry that's the wrong answer. We need proper AMD Catalyst drivers for the AMD A6-3670 APU with Radeon HD Graphics (6530D). When are you going to supply them?



I completely agree with you elitelord32, AMD just ignoring the issues and hiding their head in the sand.

This will be the last AMD product I purchase and recommend to the multination's that I work with.

What is the marketing saying "it is better to keep your current customers happy, rather than get new customers as it costs a lot more to get new customers".



Hi zudnic​,

I believe I've found the correct driver you're looking for, Catalyst 15.7.

I got a Windows 7 driver from my PC manufacturer's website, although it seems to be causing system stability issues. Machine randomly shut itself off (no BSOD, no warning) twice yesterday.

I have a HD 6000 series. I can't use this one then, right? DirectX 12 not supported, I need to use Windows Update? Or is there an INF in that package that I should use?

The problem is that Windows 10 works in a different way than Windows 7 that is two or three generations older. They don't work the same way anymore and that's why you have problems with your driver. However, even being different, Windows 10 is just an upgraded version with more features of Windows 8, and that's why the drivers for it are more compatible.

hello all

someone in here you have amd  A8 7600 kaveri with R7 7600 graphics you have anybody issues with the new driver??i have problems with my monitor after update the driver black and sceen,blue sceen.

what to do?back to old driver like omega??i have win10 in my system.

always thank you..

Team red

I don't have that CPU,Nor the GPU.

If I were you,I would return to the previous driver that worked for you,Until the next driver comes out that you can try.

If your now on Windows 10,Use Windows 8.1 drivers.If Windows 10 drivers cause you issues.

For now I would use AMD 14.12 Omega Windows 8.1 drivers until they fix the issue with 15.7.1.

These are the ones I'm using on my laptop and even my desktop(Which has an A6-7400K/AMD R7 240)

15.7 and 15.7.1 on my desktop gave my crap performance.

Thank you for the answer i back to the previous drives for now

i hope to fix the drivers  when come out the new drivers.


Hello guys

I'm the owner of a HP Pavilion 15-p048nl with a nice AMD A10-5745m and a combination of AMD Radeon 8610G + R7M260 2 Gbytes

I've upgraded to Windows 10 and this is the beginning of a nightmare

1) my CPU FAN was reeeallyyy hard working and CPU temp was so high I tought my CPU was melting

2) I've tried to install the 15.7.1 Catalyst drivers but nothing happened an, launching che Catalyst Control Center, it said I've got no valid adapter

I had to return back to Windows 8.1 but, sadly, the behaviour of my CPU is still strange, unstable and really hot...installing the 15.7.1 drivers for Windows 8.1 resolved the graphic card issue.

There's a way for making my CPU / GPU working with Windows 10 ????

I just could not believe that DXVA doesn't work with this WU driver. Checked twice...

Looks like nobody gives a **** cares about support for those APUs. Well done, please keep it up.

For 6000 series APU you have to use 15.6 drivers as long as you care about DXVA support. The performance with those driver is still not as good as on Windows 7. Also the driver is far from stable - mostly "Graphic driver has stopped working and has been recovered" occurs when playing videos using Firefox with hardware acceleration enabled. On some videos the issue is 100% reproducible.

All other drivers provides significantly lower performance, causes shuttering or BSODs issues or does not support DXVA.

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