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Red Team Creed

Red Team Creed

We are Red Team. And we are one.

We are the creatives. The passionate gamers. Dev gurus. The battle-tested PC builders…you get the picture.

We are from every walk of life. And from all over the globe.

But no matter who we are, what we do, or where we come from, we are more than a team. We are a tribe. A tribe that believes in something bigger than ourselves. A tribe that’s here to share our passions. Our time. Our knowledge.

Red Team members build one another up – never tear each other down. We are dedicated to unification while recognizing that we’re all individuals. Individuals that bring our own passions and gifts to the table.

We are Red Team members. And a Red Team member is a member for life. We are here to make some noise. We are here to support and share and learn and teach and change our corner of the world while doing so. The question isn’t who is going to let us, it’s who is going to stop us.

We are Red Team. And we are one.


We have a creed... Too official

​And we kill those Green Templars(Nvidia)

YEAAHH!! Smooth Assassin style!! #livethecreed

I love this ❤️

Go Red Team!!!

I'm happy you like it guys! Let's go! Let's make Red Team as Red as possible 🙂

I prefer Pally style (paladin).  

Go Red Team!

Love the Creed

GO Team RED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love our creed, love AMD... Lets go RedTeam!!! 

The Dude Abides.

I absolutely love this! I have been with AMD for a very, very long time, but just figured out how to start becoming a Red Team member. I hope to be a part of the team! Pure AMD love for life!

great creed love amd go team red

hmm if we are a tribe , why does't team red join 

Solid Creed and amazing tribe of people to be around and know

Absolutely LOVE this!! 

I like this Creed and Red Team I look forward to meeting and working or helping each and everyone if I can.

I wish I want to join Red Team for indonesia people.
because my English is terrible bad,
but i think this is the best group ever

Hi Edoasp , if you need help with english I can definitely help you out if you like. Just let me know and we can do weekly lessons. I worked overseas many years and taught many of my crew english 🙂

Absolutely wonderful, this is why I am so proud to be part of this community. I will put my heart and soul to follow by the laws of our creed. #betterred#RadeonRebels

Read this and had to sign up to join this community.

The Ryzen has arisen from the phenom


Long Live Team Red!

Go Team Red!

and the blue ones

Halo, mungkin Anda harus mencoba menggunakan Google Translate? Meskipun saya dapat berbicara dan membaca bahasa Jerman dan Perancis, saya masih merasa berguna untuk memeriksa pemahaman saya dan membantu saya berkomunikasi dengan orang lain.

Here is a Red Team Anthem.

Red Team Anthem - Clyp

Oh dear. really?

"With a Navi" is by far my favorite:
w00t_Doc's profile on Clyp 
Any chance you could post the Lyrics for these songs?
I can't understand some of them.



I have to admit it is quite funny, kudo for spending time to this, i would have liked a follow, the song is too short.
Edited since other post get updated.



I need to point out that in all these 20y of Tech, this is one goes right to the TOP 3 on my nerd list.
Again, kudo for spending time on this, funny.

LOL, I need to work on my diction. Or is it enunciation? I'm not sure.

Who plays all their games in 3D

Whose computers are most speedy

Red Team, Red Team

Who completes all of their missions

Who gifts pay-it-forward systems

Red Team, Red Team

Who makes time wasted waiting shrink

Who makes all the displays FreeSync

Red Team, Red Team

Who picks Ruby for their teammate

Who are AMD advocates

Red Team, Red Team

Sure. Here is WITH A NAVI

How can you put grand scenes

Up on many big screens

Video walls we can see

Feel total immersion

On VR excursion

Sample from the panoply

How can you boost hash rate

Give temperatures a break

Mine for cryptocurrency

Now we can agree on

Our brilliant Radeon

From the folks at AMD

With a Navi

Yes, you can game just how you please

With a Navi

Yes, you can make movies with ease

With a Navi

Come make your lighting effects shine

With a Navi

Make fancy prototype designs

With a Navi

Come edit all your tracks combined

With a Navi

Come on and render in real time

With a Navi

Come make your lighting effects shine

With a Navi, with a Navi, with a Navi

It lets you, it lets you

It lets you create the big views

How can a machine view

All your data for you

Learn to recognize your things

Figure which things matter

Recognize the patterns

Improve with machine learning

Radeon Instinct could

Make data understood

In science and energy

Helping to see inside

Ultrasound, MRI

Imaging of surgery

People understand different pronunciation / accents based on their own experience or background.
That's all.

I think your songs are like Radio DJ 'jingles' and I think they are funny in that context.



Yeah i did my best but i have to admit i felt for the display and system part.

Not easy to understand, also make more sense now with the good words.
You diction is very good, the only problem was when you shortened together the words, as usual when one speak fast.

It's also what make the charm of a singed language and slang.

Long live ATI. Long live AMD. We don't live on a globe, but other than this I love this Creed.

Do we have a song too? 


We are a Team and our Team want's back "FRTC" Frame Rate Target Control!

Kill it with fire! (or just let it overheat and burn)

Bring Back SDR because people still use it a lot!

Red is the Color of Life!

And Switchable Dynamic Graphics

We're Red... Are you Green with Envy or Blue with Dispair... Why not Be Red with Life!

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