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Personalizing your AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X graphics card

Personalizing your AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X graphics card


The AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X graphics card industrial design was created with the goal of embodying a professional, elegant and simple design. Using multiple pieces of aluminum die cast finished in black nickel and a soft touch black, the full metal construction makes the graphics card feels as good as it looks. We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the design but also understand there are always different design ideas out there.

During the process of creating the industrial design for the AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X graphics card we encountered a variety of unique perspectives within AMD on how it should look.  These differentiating opinions made us think, what if we could enable our customers to implement their own creativity on our design? To do this we incorporated a removable front plate on the AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X graphics card to allow for customer creativity. Below you will find a link to download the 3D model for the face plate to help get you started on designing your own 3D printed or CNC front plate.

Please ensure to take all necessary precautions prior to removing the front plate from the graphics card; these include but are not limited to:

  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is installed inside a system
  • Do not remove the front plate while the graphics card is powered or operational
  • Ensure your workspace is clear of debris and appropriate electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is taken
  • The front plate can be removed by removing the four hex screws from the front of the graphics card as illustrated below
    • Do not remove any other screws or modify any other components on the graphics card
  • Use a proper hex key or screwdriver to remove the screws from the front plate to avoid damaging the screws
    • When reinstalling the screws do not to overtighten the screws


Be sure to share with us your creations and we’ll highlight some of our favorites.


Download the front plate 3D model HERE

IMPORTANT: AMD’s product warranty does not cover damage to your graphics card or system caused in whole or in part by removing, modifying or reinstalling the AMD Radeon Fury X faceplate, which activities you agree to carry out at your own risk.  AMD will not provide replacement faceplates for any faceplates lost or damaged, nor will AMD be liable for any damages to the graphics card or your system caused during the removal, modification or reinstallation of the faceplate.

David Tjong is Product Marketing Engineer for AMD. His postings are his own opinions and may not represent AMD’s positions, strategies or opinions. Links to third party sites are provided for convenience and unless explicitly stated, AMD is not responsible for the contents of such linked sites and no endorsement is implied.




Something like this!

Front plate.... Cmon guys .. Perhaps you shoult think about adding the back plate to that list. Cmon now... A wee bit of common sense

good job guys  one more reason to buy a 3d printer   and a Fury X wich i don't have either

R9 Fury X render 2.jpg

The text that's usually around the head isn't there yet, as it's taking some time to draw (vectorizing programs don't like it :\ )


Edit: Forget the other one, THIS​ is the awesome version!

a few covers




got some backplates as well







Can this be done for the nano as well?

End less possibilities !

Pretty awesome creations.  I love the customization that can be done with this card.


Has anyone managed to removed the original backplate on a Sapphire R9 Fury X without any cosmetic damage?

One reason is I am looking for custom backplates and do not want to damage the original one.

Second reason below:

I have just purchased a Sapphire Fury X and both the topplate(above the pump) and the backplate (above the GPU PCB) are covered in a black glossy Sapphire Sticker.

The topplate could be removed by carefully peeling back the corners of the sticker to access the screws at the four corners of the topplate without any cosmetic damage at all to the sticker. The GPU watercooler pump looks O.K. and the inside of the card looks clean with no signs of leaking.

I had noticed a wierd low frquency "breathing" type sound coming from the card GPU Pump at first install of 18.3.4. drivers and quick test running Titanfall 2.
I think (hope) it might just have been some gas bubbles trapped in the watercooler system as the card had been sent to me in the post and I had just fit the card. Perhaps additional cooling fluid needs added to the card radiator?

The backplate looks impossible to open without damage to the Sapphire sticker.

I think the only way to open the backplate would be to use a cylindrical cutter carefully placed over the screws on the backplate and cut the backplate sticker, removing portions of it which cover those screws.Then use a screwdriver to remove the screws and look at the PCB.

I just wanted to do a visual inspection of the PCB for now, and check that a particular component (B200 near the fan controller) looked o.k. for now.
I agreed with the person I purchased the card from that I can test the card non-overclocked for a number of days  from receipt of the card, and take photos inside the card to check it is o.k. I have promised not to do anything that would cause cosmetic damage to the card stickers, or pay for any such damage should the card fail during testing and need to be returned. So no removal of the backplate for now because of the Sapphire Sticker ...

I am not sure Sapphire should have done this but I guess it is a good indication that this card has not been opened before... which is good from many perspectives when purchasing a second hand R9 Fury X compared to my previous experience... I could have opened the backplate on the one but I did not do that before install and a component on the card (B200) had either been modded before or was badly damaged.



I contacted the Sapphire support back in 2016, removing the big sticker will result in a warranty violation. Really sucks, but can't really argue with it.

It's really hard to take it off without breaking it.

Thanks for replying.

I tested the Sapphire Card R9 Fury X for 15 days. I ran ~ 100 of latest Benchmarks, Games and OpenCL tests on latest AMD Adrenalin Driver with the single R9 FuryX and also with R9 Nanos in DX11 Crossfire and DX12 MultiGPU.  It was fun looking at some of benchmarks. Have you ever run Catzilla?

I recorded videos and posted them on Youtube for the seller to see.

Once I had tested the card I decided to open the backplate anyhow using a craft knife with a razor sharp point carefully around the screws on the backplate and cut the backplate sticker around each of the four screws. I did not remove portions of it completely but left  a thin portion still attaching to the backplate sticker.
I inspected the inside of the card. It was perfectly clean with no signs of leaking or damage.  I then sent final inspection photos to the seller. I had negotiated before purchase that if I did this and there was some leaking around the pump after testing I would return the card but pay something for the cosmetic damage.  I refitted the backplate and pushed the cutout areas of the backplate back down over the screws and it looks fine to me. You can obviously see the areas where the screws are but it still looks O.K.

I am really impressed with the Sapphire R9 FuryX card. The temps are really good with the Watercooler on and I can definitely see performance improvement versus single R9 Nano or when running in MultiGPU with an R9 Nano versus a pair of R9 Nanos.

I will be purchasing a custom topplate and backplate for it anyhow. I am still designing the graphics for the backplate in Blender...

Thanks again.


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