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How To Create Game Profiles Using AMD Radeon™ Software

How To Create Game Profiles Using AMD Radeon™ Software

This document provides instructions on how to create game profiles using AMD Radeon Software.

Game Profiles:

View your games on a single screen, enhance each game’s graphics settings and overdrive settings and experience the gaming experience you truly want for each unique game.

  • Automatic game detection: All games installed on a PC are populated onto the Radeon Settings games list.
  • Game/Application: Clicking on a game/application will open up its unique profile.
  • Global Settings: Default graphics settings and overdrive settings.
  • More: Provides expanded section details.
  • All Profiles: Reset, enable and disable all profiles.
  • Add: Scan or browse for games/non game applications.


How To Create Game Profiles:

  • Right click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings.


  • Navigate to the Gaming tab.


  • Click Add and then Browse.


  • Navigate to the game executable file you wish to add to AMD Radeon Settings and click Open. In the example below i added Battlefield 4 as a game profile.


  • Configure Image Quality, Frame Rate Target Control, CrossFire Mode, Frame Pacing and Shader Cache settings for each game you add.


  • Configure unique overclock settings for each of your games. Now each game will launch with it’s own unique complete configuration.


  • Note! If you alter any settings within Overdrive you must click Apply for the changes to take effect.



Damages caused by user of your AMD processor or graphics card outside of official AMD specifications or outside of factory settings are not covered under any AMD product warranty and may not be covered by your board or system manufacturer's warranty. See End User Licence Agreement under the applicable AMD overclocking software for details.

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