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Creating an Eyefinity Display Group Using AMD Radeon™ Software

Creating an Eyefinity Display Group Using AMD Radeon™ Software

The following article provides information for setting up an AMD Eyefinity display group using AMD Radeon Software. The content of this article is categorized into the following sections:

  • Quick Setup
  • Advanced Setup
  • Other Eyefinity Display Group Actions

Quick Setup

  • Right-click on the Desktop and choose AMD Radeon Settings


  • Select the Eyefinity tab


  • Choose Quick Setup to automatically create an Eyefinity display group.


Note: Eyefinity display groups created using Quick Setup would be dependent on the number of displays detected by the system.   The table below shows the default Eyefinity display groups that should be created using Quick Setup:

Detected Displays

Eyefinity Display Group









  1. Once the Eyefinity group has been created, the setup is complete.  If are you satisfied with the Eyefinity group, you may close AMD Radeon Settings.

  2. With an Eyefinity display group created, the following options should be available in the Eyefinity section:

    • Discard – Removes the Eyefinity display group and revert to the previous display configuration
    • Arrange Displays –Adjust the position of each display in the Eyefinity display group
    • Advanced Setup – Additional display group settings.  Refer to the Advanced Setup section of the article.


Note:  In order to create a new group with more or fewer displays than the current grouping you must first discard the group.

Advanced Setup

  • Open AMD Radeon Settings, select Eyefinity, and choose Advanced Setup to open Radeon Additional Settings.  If you have just created an Eyefinity display group, choose Try Advanced Setup.
  • Within Radeon Additional Settings there are options for creating standard, mixed dimension, and mixed alignment Eyefinity display groups.


  • Choose the type of Eyefinity display group you wish to create and follow the steps until completion.

Other Eyefinity Display Group Actions

With an Eyefinity display group created, the desktop context menu includes a “Group” sub-menu that includes a number of actions:

  1. Adjust Bezel Compensation: Allows your desktop to appear continuous across all displays in Eyefinity display group.  To configure Bezel Compensation, Align the test patterns between all displays as closely as possible
  2. Arrange Eyefinity Display Group: Allows you to re-run the arrangement wizard in case the displays have been moved or the cables have been reconnected in a different order.
  3. Create Eyefinity Display Group: Allows you to create a new group with a different layout starting from the displays in the current group. Only layouts that include all of the current displays with the optional addition of other available displays can be created in this way.
  4. Disable Eyefinity Display Group: Allows you to disable the group. All displays in the group will convert to duplicate (clone) mode.
  5. Position windows Task Bar: Allows you to adjust the Taskbar across all displays in the Eyefinity group or in one preferred display
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The new drivers had great performance and I really like the new control panel.

However, I was not able to administer my configuration with 3 displays in Eyefinity + 1 display extra disabled (4 in total) with the Crimson drivers and control panel, so I had to roll back to get full administration to this with CCC..

Hopefully this will be included in the coming versions, thank you for your effort.

re: 16.1 hotfix.

Where is the hotkey functions? Real pain changing from eyefinity to single screen without them.

Also noticed taskbar position isn't remembered after a restart. Once "additional settings" is selected the taskbar comes back to center screen where it should be.

And.. No way to set extended displays so have to  use win10's routine. Tried saving that extended config as a preset but it won't activate although the eyefinity group and single screen presets (made by additional settings) does work.

Where are the hotkeys indeed!!! I like how de crimson software looks, but i have removed it simply because of the missing hotkeys. Switching to and from eyefinity groups is Way too complicated now!. hotkeys need to be reinstalled, untill then, im sticking with catalyst .

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