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AMD Products and Accessories Purchasing FAQ

AMD Products and Accessories Purchasing FAQ

This document provides the answers to frequently asked questions about AMD products and accessories purchasing.  Examples include; where can I buy AMD products, and where can I buy a replacement fan for my graphics card.​

Where can I buy replacement parts such as screws, brackets, cables, adapters or driver CDs for my AMD Radeon™ graphics card?

​​All current AMD Radeon graphics cards are manufactured by AMD’s partners. These products use AMD Chips but will be clearly marked with the partner’s name and logo. Please contact the graphics card manufacturer or your place of purchase for information on how to buy any replacement parts or accessories.

Please see the following link for a list of AMD Partners.

​Where can I buy a replacement fan for the broken/not-working cooling fan on my AMD FirePro™ graphics card?

​​If the cooling fan is broken or defective, please request a full AMD FirePro™ product replacement.​​

Where can I buy a replacement for my broken/not-working CPU cooling fan?

Please contact AMD support​ with the following information:

Full address and contact details

Product serial number

Date purchased

AMD support will let you know if your device is under warranty and explain the replacement process​

Where can I buy AMD Products?

For a list of AMD partners please visit:​.

For businesses or resellers please contact one of AMDs distributers.​

​How can I find out when new AMD products will be released?

Please subscribe to AMDs product and technology announcements Email newsletter​​.

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