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Journeyman III

Xfx rx 580 fans stopped working

Hello, I need some serious help as I'm desperate
My xfx rx 580 fans stopped working, I had this issue about a month ago but I got it fixed by running the fans at full speed from afterburner everytime I play a game.
It happened again yesterday and so far nothing is working.
Only one fan works and it works only if I set the fan speed at 100% from the afterburner.
I obviously have a problem but I want to know is if the problem are from the fans or the fans controller on the gpu, this thing is stressing me out and I don't know what to do about it.
Any help would appreciated and thank you.

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Re: Xfx rx 580 fans stopped working

Set everything back to factory default in MSI Afterburner and on your GPU Card.

The RX580 has feature similar to Zero RPM which means that the fans only turn on when the GPU card reaches a certain temperature.

To check to see if that feature is working normally and both fans are working I would Stress test the GPU card and see if the Fans start working after reaching a temperature ~58C - 60C and above.

IF the GPU temperature is above 65C and none of the fans are working then you have a problem. Could be driver, defective fan, or GPU Card.