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Journeyman III

XFX R9 390: 2nd fan not spinning until ~89°C.


I have googled quite a bit but could sadly not find a solution so I registered on here in the hopes of finding something.

I have a XFX R9 390 where only one fan is spinning. The second fan only starts spinning when a certain temperature threshold is being reached, in my case around 89 degrees celsius.

I do not want it like this. I want the second fan to spin from the beginning on.

Sadly I could not find a solution in MSI Afterburner and AMD Radeon Settings driver.

If anyone could help me and tell me how to disable this 'feature' I would be very glad.

Thanks in advance.

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3rd party oc/fan control apps can conflict with wattman, use one or the other.

To disable wattman, in radeon settings > preferences > restore factory defaults.

But it could be a card vbios/fan controller fault, best to contact XFX support as they may offer a solution.

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