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Journeyman III

xfx AMD Radeon rx 560 2gb

So i bought a prebuilt.

windows 10 64bit

AMD Radeon RX 560 2gb

AMD FX 6300 (Changed to an 8350)

8gb ddr3 1600 (is now 12GB)

Anyways, is the 560 2gb supposed to run a radeon 460 chipset?

Also read something about it being polaris 20 but it says 11.

Do you think theres any way i can get a refund even though it been a couple months, For them Falsely advertising?

There was never any specification of brand it simply said the gpu was an (AMD Radeon RX 560 2GB)

when in reality its an XFX AMD Radeon RX 560D 2GB. The chipset is wrong (from my understanding)

Screenshot 5 is what i thought i was getting.

i read something about the 550 just being pretty much the same as the 450, but the 560 was supposed to be relatively different than the 460 was instead of just running faster clock speeds.


Thanks in advance.

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Most the 5 series Polaris are just a refresh of the 4 series with faster clocks and more power thrown at them. So nobody lied or misrepresented anything would be my guess but that is between you, the retailer and the manufacturer. My experience is that when you buy an off the shelf machine you either return the whole thing or you buy the parts you are not happy with yourself. You can certainly ask the company that made the machine though. You could also Ebay that card and get another you are happy with.