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Journeyman III

WX4100 Extended Display

I have been using ATI personally for quite some time. I have recently jumped the fence to the WX series for our CADD group at the office.

Typically, the adapter only supports one display. However, as we get into using them more and more, we are getting into duel displays; sometimes of different sizes.

So the problem is:

I have an older 19" square display, and a newer wide 27". Typically, with the older Nivida cards, like the Quadro 600 I just removed, creating an extended desktop was simple with the native Nvidia drivers installed.

So far, unless I am missing something, all I can get this WX4100 to do is either create one big virtual desktop spanning both screens, or, duel screen where the higher resolution screen is cropped in a letter box style to match up with the other. Additionally, any window maxed out on one screen will only max out to both screens.

Finally, the only thing we could do to get it to work, was disable one display in the GC driver, and then allow windows (Win 7) to add the other as an extended display.

Again: Unless I am missing something, why is something that I believe to be very simple, so difficult with this card and it's drivers?