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Journeyman III

WX 3100 Display port output limitations or not working

I recently upgrade my system from a Radeon HD 5570 to a Radeon PRO WX 3100 with 2 monitors(Asus PB278Q and LG W2453) My system motherboard is an Intel DH67BL.

I have the Pro software version 19.Q1.1 and all previous catalyst software has been removed prior the installation of the new card.

I'm able to make my Asus monitor work at full resolution(2560x1440) only when using the mini-dp connector in the middle to the DP port on my display. 

When using the bottom DP connector to my Asus DP connector there's nothing happenning and the monitor do not detect any signal despite trying several cables that are tested ok on other systems. 

When using the top mini-dp to my monitor DP port  i'm limited to 1024x768 on my Asus monitor.

But that same card connector with a mini-dp to HDMI have no problem driving my LG monitor at 1920x1080

I tried several cable to eliminate that possibilities so at the end it's like all the port doesn't have all the same capabilities and does not all behave the same but nothing is documented about that.

So far

Card middle Mini-DP-to-DP=Full Res ok. 

Card bottom DP-to-DP = Nothing

Card top mini-dp-to-DP = limited to 1024x768

Card top mini-dp-to-HDMI using adapter = 1920x1080 ok.

I also have a secondary problem with my LG which is connected using HDMI, sometime the screen begin to flash at a regular interval and the only thing that i can do to recover from that is to shutdown my computer and power on again. Trying to change the resolution, unplugging the monitor and so do not resolve the issue.

All this is very frustrating as i bought this pro card to keep my system stable as i never had any problem before.

I'm planning a third monitor but at this point i'm not even sure i will be able to make it work with this card.

Is there information available to explain all that or i have a bad card ??

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Journeyman III

I am grateful to you for posting this - I haven't found much else on the subject. I have experienced the same problem with the WX 3100 and ended up switching to the mini-DP port (I only use one display, so not a problem for me). I can't see any reason why the DP port should behave differently.