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Journeyman III

Windows Reinstall FPS problem

Dear AMD users,

First of i'll start off with my specs (I'm aware it's a bit outdated but that never caused any issues untill the reinstall)

MSI 760GA-P43(FX) (MS-7699)

AMD FX6300 3.5Ghz

AMD Radeon HD 7800



Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (SP1)

So now for my problem:

So I was runnig Windows 7 64bit Ultimate ever since I got this pc (desktop). And everything was running fine untill i decided to go ahead with my biggest regret to date and that was trying to update to windows 10 through the usb media creation tool. Once in windows 10 I tried playing games etc after installing the drivers obviously and noticed my fps was just worse than it was before and everything wasn't "smooth". So after a lot of tweaking with windows 10 settings (xbox dvr, full screen opt, ..) I couldn't fix it so I decided to reinstall windows 7 again. Now once on windows 7 it started off weirdly already as I was locked to a Standard VGA adapter and everything was already so laggy. I managed to fix that by updating my GPU drivers and it eventually recognized my GPU. Now however after installing all my drivers and stuff my fps is still not what it was before I ever updated. Now I managed to get some back by alot of tweaks in windows settings etc but it doesn't feel like it used to yet and it doesn't feel smooth. Not only is this happening in games but also on the desktop. It feels like my mouse and keyboard have some small input lag and my mouse feels very stuttery, I notice it the slower I move it and especially when i hover it over graphics intensive stuff like videos or whatever. I've been trying to fix this for nearly a week now and i'm completely clueless. What could this be? It's just like everything is just not smooth anymore and I have a 144Hz and it used to be smooth as butter. Btw my temps are fine, they are on 40-50 on idle and 60-70 at load (While my room is super hot cause it's really hot outside) Does Reinstalling windows change something in my BIOS maybe or what, i'm clueless, really hoping someone can help me out here!

Kind regards,

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Journeyman III

Really hoping someone could help me out here ! Also I notice whenever I move my mouse around in a video or something my CPU spikes to like 50% or something even idk if that's normal but doesn't sound like it !