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Adept II

Re: Windows not booting after instaling latest drivers.

I have just looked into my BIOS and seems like I already upgraded to F13e

EDIT: Thank you, I really hope that replacing the motherboard will be the fix.. If you think about it, it is now either the motherboard or the GPU itself, but the GPU also works fine once booted up, if you make exception for the random freezes, probably caused by a motherboard failure (also, yes, I have reset the settings as well as cleared CMOS physically)

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Adept II

Re: Windows not booting after instaling latest drivers.

I tried my motherboard on another system but there it is working just fine. The problem seems to be the GPU, and also today I wasn't able to boot anymore by using the BIOS trick I mentioned in some posts earlier...

I tried disabling XMP, loading optimal bios configuration, resetting cmos, switching BIOSes from the GPU switch, removing my Wi-Fi card, using another SSD, and memtested my RAM. Nothing helped at all... As @elstaci mentioned, I'll try contacting sapphire once again asking if a vBIOS update is available (I had contacted them before in the hope of getting it replaced, but that is not possible since it seems they had a discount for amazon, thus they couldn't help me and I had to sort this out with Amazon which has none available). 

Adept II

Re: Windows not booting after instaling latest drivers.

@elstaciquick update: the vBIOSes sent by Sapphire, and my extracted one (also sent to them, as asked) are apparently the same...


I don't know anymore what to do... Sadly as I previously said, I can't get a replacement by Sapphire nor Amazon. None of the solutions worked, and later I'll try to switch vBIOS (physical switch on the GPU) and confront that one with the other vBIOS as well, but at this point I think they are the same as well... And if I return the card for a refund I won't be able to use my PC, since the Ryzen 3 3100 doesn't have an IGPU. I would probably go for a refund, since it seems like it's a card problem rather than a software issue, at least I'll get my money back. Before I do so, do you know anything else I could try, or anything else that could be causing the issue?

Quick summary:

  • the motherboard is working (tested on a different system)
  • the ram is working (memtested, and I also tried booting by removing the first ram stick then the second, same problem)
  • the wifi card seems not to be the problem (without GPU drivers seems to be working correctly most of the times, while with them sometimes the wifi won't work and errors are thrown in the Event Viewer)
  • the CPU is working (I guess the computer wouldn't even boot if it didn't work)

What did I try?

  • reinstalling windows
  • updating motherboard BIOS
  • updating chipset drivers (with AMD's automatic installer)
  • installing old GPU drivers (after DDUing the installed ones)
  • switching vBIOSes with the switch on the card (Pulse 5500xt's seem to have a switch to switch between "Performance" mode or "Silent" mode)
  • removing GPU from the motherboard and putting it back
  • another SSD (a SATA one to be specific, while mine is a NVME one)
  • asking for a vBIOS update (the vBIOS they sent me back is the exact same as the one I already have installed on my card, checked with a SHA256 sum)


Do you know if anything is missing to this checklist?

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Re: Windows not booting after instaling latest drivers.


Sounds like your GPU card is defective. If only you can borrow another GPU Card from a family or friend, AMD GPU if possible, and see if everything works fine when you install it in your PC.

Sounds like when the AMD Driver (Latest and Previous) is installed it caused the GPU card to not work correctly.

I wouldn't mess updating or reinstalling the vBIOS since it could void your GPU return to Amazon or its Warranty.

In Italy you should have a 2 year EU Consumer Warranty if you purchased the GPU Card in Europe by the Retailer. Don't know if your purchased the GPU Card from Amazon's European site or American site.

But under European Consumer regulations, the Retailer would have the choice of:

1- Repairing the GPU card

2-Replacing the GPU card

3-Giving a Pro-Rata Refund of the GPU card.

This is if your purchased the GPU card from a EU Retailer.

NOTE: You seemed to have tried just about everything except installing another GPU card in your PC or installing your GPU card in another PC.  But everything seems to point to a defective GPU card. 

Also if you ask for a Refund you might not get a full refund but a Pro-Rata Refund unless Amazon refunds the full amount back to you.

Either way, Good Luck and I hope you are able to resolve your GPU issue since it has been more than 3 months with this issue.

Did AMD Support ever get back to you when you contacted them?

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Adept II

Re: Windows not booting after instaling latest drivers.

About the refund, yes I can get one, but sadly I hardly will get a new GPU since, well, you know the situation (a 5500xt now costs over 400€), I also think I might be able to get a full refund, since the card was sold and shipped by Amazon. And yes, AMD support contacted me back, but left me unanswered after I said that I had already tried reinstalling the drivers as they had suggested..