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Journeyman III

Windows no longer recognizing graphics card

After a windows 10 update, it seems my graphics card driver has gone ghost. It used to show up as AMD Radeon R7 Graphics and AMD Radeon (TM) RX 460 Graphics, now my computer only recognizes the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I've tried:

  • Rolling back windows and uninstalling updates

  • Uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the latest versions directly from the website (admin and compatibility mode)

  • Tried older versions of the drivers for windows 7 and windows 8

  • I tried updating the non-functioning drivers, then tried updating from the basic display adapter after uninstalling them in the device manager. Unfortunately, that hasn't done anything.

Nothing works, and it's affecting my ability to use programs like Premiere, After Effects - even VLC media player. I'm at the end of my rope. I desperately need this laptop to last at least until I finish university, as I use these programs to earn a living. Any ideas? It's an azar echatspin ASUS X550IU

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Journeyman III

Try updating the driver.


You have a fairly old laptop.

I was trying to find the specs on your Asus Laptop and found out it uses a FX9800P APU Processor with RX460M Discrete GPU card.

You must install the FX9800P AMD Driver which will also install the RX460M driver automatically.

This is the latest FX9800P driver from AMD:

That APU is not supported with AMD Driver updates anymore since 06/2021. Also most of the time your exact GPU Make & Model won't be showing but the family or series of the GPU you have installed but it will still be compatible.

To be able for the driver to show the exact GPUs you have installed you must install Asus AMD driver.

It is best to use Asus own AMD Driver. But when I went to your Asus Support page there wasn't any specific AMD Graphic driver but a 2016 Asus CHIPSET.  Most likely the Asus CHIPSET includes the AMD Graphics driver in the package.

So I would DDU to uninstall the current AMD Driver and install again the Asus CHIPSET drivers from 2016 and see if everything work normally. Be sure to delete the AMD installation folder at C:\AMD to prevent conflicts when install a different AMD driver.

You can use your own Asus  Laptop updating program to update all the drivers in your laptop including the Graphic driver:

NOTE: Make sure you have the latest CHIPSET & BIOS Version installed in your laptop.

EDIT: Also if you did a clean installation of Windows 10 on your laptop by deleting the partitions on your Laptop Windows drive you probably deleted some Asus program that the laptop needs to run properly. Also maybe the ability to Reset your Laptop back to the way it was when you first purchased it.  Since many Laptop manufacturers has a special Windows partition with a copy of the original Windows setup in your laptop to be able to reset it.