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Adept I
Adept I

windows 2004 upgrade

I have a R5 2600 with a RX 5700 GPU and a 1440p 60 Hz monitor and after upgrading to Windows 2004 and using the latest AMD Radeon drivers The best resolution I can get is 1080p 30 Hz or 720 p 60 HZ ..... 1440p is not even available as a frigging choice and it runs like a hot pile of crap. Essentially games are completely unplayable. If I install the basic microsfot GPU drivers I get 1440p 60 Hz back but those drivers are also complete crap for gaming

So I ended up wasting 2 days on this BS and eventually had to roll back to mu 1909 image it made just before I tried this upgrade (I've been doing that before every Windows Update since forever becuase they are all crappy and buggy these days) 

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