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Journeyman III

Windows 10, Node Titan eGPU, Radeon PRO w6600, stuttering and workaround

I'm experiencing this problem on two laptops, a Framework laptop and a Lenovo ThinkPad. Both of these laptops have integrated GPUs, with the Lenovo also having a separate discrete graphics chip from another manufacturer.

Windows 10
Node Titan eGPU
Radeon PRO w6600

Everything is functional when I plug in the eGPU to either laptop and power it on. The Radeon PRO w6600 is recognized, XConnect starts, and Windows display settings function as expected with all displays recognized and configurable. The problem is that, initially, the displays driven by the Radeon PRO w6600 will stutter with some animations.

The notification panel is supposed to have a smooth animation while it slides into view, but instead it's choppy. When clicking in the taskbar to maximize and minimize a window, the mouse will lock while the animation is maximizing or minimizing. Also, scrolling in Chrome, Brave, and VSCode with the mouse wheel will occasionally hesitate before scrolling the content. The hesitation in animation while scrolling is really inconsistent.

As a workaround, I've discovered that I can go into the device manager and temporarily disable the integrated GPU to get the system to show smooth animation. That seems to reinitialize something with Windows graphics that will allow the Radeon PRO w6600 to show smooth, responsive animations in all cases. Unfortunately, if I power cycle the eGPU, then the symptoms return and I have to repeat the workaround.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior? If so, are you aware of any fixes?

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