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Journeyman III

Windows 10 freezes while driver installation (with RX580 8GB)

Hi guys!

Ok, so I had this problem in the past. Not so long ago I bought an XFX RX580 8GB and the problem still stands and it's starting to piss me off (other components are the same than in the previous thread)... I tested my PC with an nvidia GTX560 and I could install its driver and the PC worked fine.  The RX580 works smoothly on win 7 with the latest driver installed but when I try to install vga driver on windows 10 it freezes while hardver recognition. So I started win 10 in safe mode and tried to install the driver that way but the same thing happend. Then I tried to install it from the device manager and it worked this time but and I see RX580 in it when I start up my computer using iGPU (normally it's disabled but I tried whether it can start up with that...) but when I try to start my PC with AMD card after showing the Windows 10 logo the screen goes black and nothing happens (I think that's when driver is loaded). Maybe the problem is somewhere between the card and the motherboard? One more thing: I tried to disable ulps, too and it didn't solve anything. Do you have any solution?