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Windows 10 dedicated gpu not selectable

I am using an HP laptop 15-ab114no and it has dedicated graphics. R6 in APU and R7 M360 dedicated with Win10. However when I go to graphics settings I see only R6 in both power save and performance settings. I have 18.7.1 driver installed. I am able to see both GPUs in GPU-Z and they seem to be detected fine in Device Manager. Also the Radeon Settings app shows both GPUs

Can you tell why I am not able to use my dedicated GPU? I also tried to check with GPU-Z the usage and it is never used....

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See this thread for the correct way to install the driver, plus there is a link on configuring switchable graphics:

Laptop graphics update...How to

Note there is never guarantee that any AMD supplied "Vanilla" driver works with your laptop. The AMD drivers are generic and not tuned to any change your hardware manufacturer made. They often customize their drivers. You should download and use the last HP driver supplied. If you need a later driver and HP does not supply it, complain to them. An AMD supplied driver may or may not work.


@pokester I still do not see the R7 in graphics setting in Win10. But the radeon settings somewhat work...

The thing is, APU does 13-15FPS with R6 when Furmark is set to power save with 640x480 test. But when it is set to high performance, it does 10-11FPS on R7.

How is this possible? Shouldn't dedicated one be roughly twice faster? but instead it is slower? Something is very strange?

I tried disabling crossfire from Radeon Settings and it seems to do nothing. I enabled crossfire logo setting but that does not make any logo appear. I also tried to disable furmark profile on Radeon Settings and it does not effect anything. Not sure why furmark keeps saying crossfire is enabled.

Please see screenshots



Yes, the temperature is slightly higher however the integrated floats at 55C when idle and jumps to 72C within ~3 seconds of starting the 3D test. I figure it is normal temp for it.



I have no idea what is normal for speed on those cards. The company that made you machine would be best to help if none of the generic help you get here helps. We are all users like you. Not employees in these forums. Many come here thinking this is AMD answering them.

If your manufacturer won't help, then open a support ticket with AMD you can find the link on their contact page maybe they can offer advice. I am really sorry it is not working for you. If it did work and now isn't with this new driver then run DDU and load the old driver that worked. You should be able to get the shipping driver at least from HP.


I understand you don't work for AMD and I was not expecting AMD to respond through forums. But I think there is something wrong and maybe there would be somebody who had the same problem and fixed it.

But I think I found the problem. The GPU-Z says bus width is 64Bit for R7 M360 and Bandwidth is 14.4GB/s. However the integrated GPU has bus width 128Bit and Bandwidth is 25.6GB/s.

Clearly dedicated GPU does not have enough bandwidth which I would have never guessed. Great way to cripple AMD products... way to go HP! It was probably better if they didn't put dedicated GPU in this machine at all... I wonder if Intel pays for these stuff


I hope someone else with something better to offer responds. Is this machine still withing a return period?


I think it is out of warranty, but then this is not a product fault. It is designed like this. R7 M360 apparently does not support better memory speeds. So I guess this is why HP used to send out laptops with single channel DDR3 configuration. This way, dedicated GPU would have been slightly faster, but I upgraded the RAM in this machine so it is using dual channel now so it beats the dedicated gpu


We have seen numerous times over the years where makers pair stuff together that don't work right. New APU's with older Discrete vice versa just to move product they have or can get cheap. Unfortunately AMD gets a black eye over a decision that was HP's or some other makers. Their are great AMD machines out there. Unfortunately some of the worst are also AMD because they can build them cheap. Then the marketing really misrepresents their capabilities. I always tell people to vote with their dollars next time.


People shouldn't vote period. In my experience people are lazy to research facts and often not smart enough to figure out things ever slightly complicated. Most people rely on marketing materials and advertising texts.

I know a person who bought 4GB RAM machine and used it as 2GB because one stick was broken for 3 years without realizing That was on Acer, the BIOS saw the memory but simply disabled it without an error message, how sneaky BIOS design...

Moreover, the simple fact is that there are a handful number of producers which produce AMD based systems. I am not sure if we can apply lesser of X evils principle even   Life is hard for people who look for AMD based machines...