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Journeyman III

Why is there no powerful integrated graphics?

  1. Hello everyone. Why hasn't AMD released powerful integrated graphics with L3 cache and a four-channel memory controller? If AMD, like Intel, give a **bleep** about gamers, then who will buy their products next if almost everyone switches to game consoles and android devices ??
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Re: Why is there no powerful integrated graphics?

It's not like you just take a CPU and slap some extra stuff on top. Designing and producing a new line of hardware is heavy on R&D. Granted, the necessary base is all here, but this isn't a "I've got an idea - let's do this and see wut happens!" case. Also, quad channel controller is a totally different component that cannot just be soldered onto a Ryzen and be done with it. The system logic doesn't work that way. Same with slapping extra cache on top. It would've been perfect getting 4 or even 8 Gb of HBM memory on-die for the iGPU purposes, but the size of that "processor" would put Threadrippers to shame. Also, how do you expect to cool this? Compulsory AIO, like the one that went with FX-9590 BOX version?