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Journeyman III

Why can't I run Google Chrome in the background while playing a game?

Specifications: AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (Primary) and AMD Radeon R5 M200 Series (Linked) on Acer Aspire E5-521G (Windows 10)


I just want to start by saying that I don't know a lot about computer gaming and graphics cards and all that seeing as I am a console peasant . I do however have a few games that I enjoy playing on my laptop.

Yesterday, I updated/installed an app/program called "AMD Radeon Settings" which brings up a whole menu with a bunch of options that I cannot make sense of. I have had the option to install this for a long time but it was the "Install Now" or "Remind me later" type of popup and I pressed remind me later for a good year probably. My problem is that when I play World of Warcraft (windowed mode) I can't have chrome running in the background, which is annoying because I'll usually play youtube videos or pop in and out to google something from the game. Since Yesterday, whenever I open the game with chrome running in the background or open chrome with the game running in the background, my screen freezes and I have to manually hold the power button for 5 seconds to turn it off and then I turn it back on again and the same problem persists. Is this an easily solved problem? Am I an idiot? Can anyone solve my problem?

If you need any more information ask away and I will do my best to find it (Y)