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Journeyman III

which graphics card should I buy

Hello, friends, I want to get your dear members ' opinion on something. the system I have is as follows: msi b550 Gaming Wi-fi edge motherboard, processor: Ryzen5 5600x memory: corsair 2x8 16gb pro argb 3600 mhz which graphics card should I get for the game+ broadcast according to these values (of course, when I have money :)) thank you for your help in advance

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Go to this PSU GPU Chart at this website and see which GPU (AMD & NVIDIA) your computer can support with your present PSU installed:

Also how are you planning on using your PC for?  Rendering Audio/Video, Gaming, etc.


Good luck finding a GPU at a reasonable price anytime soon


Unfortunately, my problem will not be solved in the near future due to high prices and stock shortage.