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Which GPU shall I consider buying if the budget is only $100 or less?

I am setting up a new gaming rig and don't want to spend much on it initially. I have a few GPU ideas in mind that I want to buy, but stuck on a few options. After some research, I found that RX 460 4GB is a good option, but my mind has stuck on Nvidia GeForce GT 730 also as the attributes of this GPU is amazing. Although, I love using AMD cards, but I am just curious if I could get a few words on any better alternatives to GT 730. Here are some attributes that I found online:

Attributes Values
Clocked at902 MHz
Memory speed1.8GHz
Memory4GB DDR3
InterfacePCI-E 2.0

Got the reference from the following sites, would appreciate if I get can good recommendations here:

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Adept II

The GT730 is a really bad option for any kind gaming. It's totally outclassed by the RX460 which is much, much, much better option.


Clock speed isn't as important as the core count. If you're going budget budget, get an RX 570 4GB, it's $140 and blows the 730 out of the water.


The OP is looking for a card to game with. Clock speed can just as important as core count. A higher clock speed on a 4 core could out perform a lower clock speed in a 6 core for gaming.


In CPUs yes, but he's talking about graphics, and shader count (or CU count, or graphics core count, however you want to refer to it) is the biggest deal. The GT 730 he pointed out has 384 cores, the RX 470 has 2048.


Although it's true that core count is important, comparing this number between nVidian and AMD cards is meaningless because they're based on completely different designs. One AMD core (or shader, or whatever) isn't equal to one nVidia core. And even then, it only make sense comparing core count between same generation products. If not, and based only on the core count argument, the RX470 and its 2048 cores should outperform the GTX1070 and its 1920 cores...

The only way to compare different brands and different generations is to look at real world performance (aka benchmarks). But still, no matter how we look at it, the GT730 is completely obsolete for gaming today (it was even barely adequate at launch time, 4 years ago). Almost any card launched in the last 4-5 years would be a better choice.