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Journeyman III

Which AMD video cards have DVI-I?

I just bought a XFX R290A-EDFD which I'll probably have to return because it has DVI-D connectors and not DVI-I connectors. What's confusing is that the specifications include "Max Supported Resolution (ANALOG) : 2048 x 1536", so I was expecting the video card to have DVI-I connectors, but it doesn't.

My monitor is a CRT monitor that uses an analog VGA connector. Currently I have a HD6970 video card which has 2 DVI-I connectors and works with a VGA monitor using a DVI-I to VGA adapter.

So which, if any, current AMD video cards have DVI-I connectors that support VGA analog output via a dongle like adapter?

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Journeyman III

Re: Which AMD video cards have DVI-I?

It seems the best I can get is a R9 series 280X video card. Those have 1 DVI-I and 1 DVI-D connector.

I forgot to mention that I also need XP as well as Win 7 drivers (dual boot system), and from what I can tell the 300 series cards don't have XP drivers.