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Journeyman III

Which adrenaline version works without Wattman

I had no problems for a long time.
Since some past updates the PC constantly crashes or the screen freezes. After restarting, Wattman reports that the system has unexpectedly crashed and the settings have been reset.

I can not accept these crashes.
I have spent money on it and constantly get these messages and reboots.

I have the Radeon RX 550 4GB

I tried to install the latest driver without the AMD settings, but still the system crashes regularly or the screen freezes!

AMD, you have to get that under control!

Which adrenaline version for Win10 works without Wattman?

Can anyone help me?

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Re: Which adrenaline version works without Wattman

Your card came out after Wattman came on the scene so their are not going to be any. You might be able to find an early 2018 minimal setup sans the radeon settings and wattman, but they are not on the AMD site anymore. You could try guru3d_com or search google

Honestly I would first try setting your power limit to it's maximum and then setting a custom fan curve. I will include a pic from an RX 580, your numbers won't be the same but you can set your power limit to it's max and do a similar fan and temp curve. Don't follow the GPU speed or voltage settings. If this doesn't help, talk to your cards maker about an RMA that card should still be under warranty.


Re: Which adrenaline version works without Wattman

It is unlikely you are going to find a driver for your GPU that does not include WattMan. It would be helpful to understand the scenario where the GPU is crashing. WattMan and GPUs does not crash systems for no reason. Something is creating a situation the hardware cannot handle. For example, are you gaming, or watching videos, using some video editor software? Do your crashes happen primarily with one piece of software? Is there a time factor such as the PC runs for an hour and then the crash happens. How much ventilation does the case have? What CPU and what size PSU do you have? How many monitors are you connecting? These all factor into trying to determine what is causing the error.

Yes, I know this is a pain to submit so much information. But to offer the best assistance we need to know more about the setup.

Journeyman III

Re: Which adrenaline version works without Wattman

You can dowload any adrenaline version and when it asks check custom install and uncheck the box for install radeon settings.  Then it will install without wattman.  You're welcome.