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Journeyman III

Where to buy spare parts in the UK

I bought a TUF Gaming X3 RX5700XT used, which has an aftermarket cooler on it. I quite like how the original cooler looks. Where can I buy an original cooler unit for this graphics card in the UK?


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Have you asked the Original Owner if he still has the original shroud for your GPU card?

I would open a Support ticket with the manufacturer of the GPU card and see how much a new Shroud (Heatsink & Fan) would cost to replace.


You may like the way it looks but do your homework. There was a lot of complaints on that model with the factory cooling not being adequate and many replace it with aftermarket cooling. Don't trade looks for poor cooling is all I am saying. 

Journeyman III

The original owner no longer has the cooler.

Asus told me that since they were a manufacturer they didn’t sell to the public, but gave no mention of who could. 

I am aware of the cooling problems on these, this aftermarket cooler isn’t any better since it only cools the GPU chip, not the ram or vrm’s, which are the parts with the overheating problem. I was going to use some diy cooling on them and put the standard cooler back on since it only cooks the main chip too.