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Journeyman III

Where can I buy Vega cards for VR company

We have a VR company and are in need of a large quantity of Vega cards, 56 or 64 - but we cant find them anywhere on the market ? And anywhere they are available they seem to be resold for $thousands of dollars. We were able to purchase a few for testing when they first hit the market but now that we need to roll out our product and build our VR rigs we just cant find them anywhere.

Is there a special program that we can sign up to - or any way we can get access to cards ? From what I see online 'digital currency' miners are buying them all up but this is really hurting graphics professionals such as us who are working on the cutting edge of the industry and really need access to your technology.

any hep would really be appreciated.

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Adept I

Personally I think AMD and retailers should be severely limiting number of graphics cards purchased... perhaps by billing address. Like... one per month, unless you're a registered PC shop, builder, etc. There's a lot of miners out there posing as VR companies doing whatever they can to grab all the supply and leaving gamers hanging. Especially DIYers, your biggest evangelists. I for one am seriously upset about the situation, and frankly that includes AMD for doing virtually nothing about it. They (and the resellers) are raking in money hand over fist. I want to upgrade my Radeon 380. I held off because it was good enough, at the time. Now it's no longer cutting the mustard, and there's nothing I can do about it unless I'm willing to let myself be massively gouged. I thought DDR4 pricing was messed up, but it's nothing compared to mid-range and better GPUs.

Do something about supply... and why isn't ETH Proof of Stake yet? It's 2018.

i agree totally - there must be a way that we can validate ourselves and get access to cards as 3D professionals.  With so many new coins coming on the market i dont see this getting any better its just going to get worse.

We need to build 6 VR rigs with 2x Vega 56 each and were quoted $1,200 per card so almost $15 grand - and shipped from china with no guarantees - its madness.

We really need some help here - AMD ???