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Adept I

Where and how can i sent my letter to the AMD Managers of the graphic department, titled: "Recommendations for the future of AMD HD3D-pro.doc" ??

Hello AMD community members, i got a question:

Where and how can i sent my letter to the AMD Managers of the graphic department, titled: "Recommendations for the future of AMD HD3D-pro.doc" ??

You can find my letter in the attached file:"Recommendations for the future of AMD HD3D-pro.doc" !!!

thanks for any advice and other tips!!

greetings from Holland

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Yea, nobody is going to open a random .DOC file from the internet, that's how viruses spread.


So do you recommend to past the content of the letter, here in this forum boxes?


You can send the letter at one of AMD locations in Europe: Our Locations | AMD 

You can also open a AMD Service Request and they might be able to direct you to the proper department to submit your idea: Online Service Request | AMD 

Adept I

Oké, i will past my letter in this tekstbox:       Woerden, The Netherlands, 27/28 may 2019


"Keep AMD HD3D-Pro alive, for professionals AND Hardcore gamers and AMD should BUY (for 3D and VR plugins)"!!

Hello AMD, graphics department,

I want to sent AMD, recommendations for making AMD (3D-Stereoscopics) HD3D-pro and Tridef-3D/VR, available for, not only professionals, including serious gamers, but also for hardcore gamers!

Hardcore gamers are gamers who spent alot more money for fast hard/software then the average gamers !!

Infact it could be possible that some hardcore gamers spent MORE money for AMD Grapics cards and other AMD hardware, then some Professionals!!

BUT on this page, i can read that HD3D-pro is allready available, but only for professionals, but it could be possible, that the AMD Radeon™ Pro and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards, are not realy suitable for running Windows-10 highend games in 3D/UHD/HDR/VR directx 11/12 and in crossfire, with high FPS numbers ??!!

I'am a hardcore gamer and i want to become a professional (serious) gamer in the near future!

AMD probably heard, that Nvidia has stopped supporting, their 3D stereo-scopic technology: 3D-Vision2, why?

One main reason i can think of, but didnt asked Nvidia: 3D vision2 give too much extra costs for Nvidia and their partners, with NO profits at all, because of much less 3D-Vision-2 users ??!!

This could be the same thing, for AMD and their partners, for keeping the HD3D-pro technology alive in the near future ???

So i want to recommend AMD, for the next 5 recommendations/ideas/solutions, for financing and keeping AMD stereo scopic technology: HD3D-pro, alive in the near future:

1] AMD should introduce the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership" with a monthly payment of a amount of money, payed by the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership" members: these are the (hardcore) gamers and professionals!

This monthly amount of money is used to cover monthly costs by AMD and partners, to keep HD3D alive!

2] AMD graphic partners, should bring out highend gaming graphic cards with "AMD HD3D pro" enabled technology, with a higher price-tag, to cover extra costs, if necessery !

3] The membership, includes (important) updates, for HD3D software drivers!

4] Members can buy extra 3D plugin software, like licenses for Tridef-3D and/or Tridef-VR!!

5] How can we pursue, manufacture's of 3D monitors, 3D-tv's and 3D-beamers, to keep developing and produce 3d stereo scopic screens?

Posible explanations/solutions/addons for these 5 recommendations are: (see next post)

Adept I

Addon-1: The monthly payment for the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership", depents mainly on two numbers/facts:

A] How much monthly costs, makes AMD and Grapic partners, to keep HD3D alive ?

B] The number of future members for the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership" !

How can AMD and grapic partners, predict the number of future members for the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership" ??

By starting a survey, with all known and future AMD graphic-card high end users, throughout as much different channels as posible !!

I would be willing to pay about €5,- to €20,- a month, for the "AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership"!!

Addon-2: For highend HD3D-pro enabled gaming graphic cards, produced by AMD Grapic partners: I would be willing to pay about €200,- to €400,- extra/more money, then graphic cards price without HD3D:

For example: Suppose that a AMD highend graphic card, without HD3D, cost about €800,-

I would willing to pay €1000,- to €1200,- for a highend graphic card WITH HD3D enabled!!

Addon-3: For this recommendation, i have no further recommendations.

Addon-4: AMD should buy the bankrupt company:, to make the 3D and VR software plugins available again for the AMD-HD3D-pro VIP membership members!

Infact, the software plugin Tridef-3D, uses the AMD technology HD3D!

Addon-5: =>We should ask manufactures of 3D-monitors, 3D-tv's and 3D-beamers, to keep develop 3d screens for a minimum of 3 types of 3D screen End-users:

A] Consumers with a home cinema, 50% of all new home cinema beamers, still support 3D!

So 3D stereo-scopics, is still very much alive, for home-cinema users, in this beamerwebshop, you can count the number of 3D beamers/projectors:

Some of the home cinema users, would rather buy a big 3D TV for homecinema, instead of a 3D-beamer, because they dont like to darken the living room very much!

This could be a first extra market, for starting producing 3D televisions again !?

B] Second end users for 3D screens, could be the (hardcore) gamers on different platforms, like Xbox, Playstation and Windows 10 gamers, including hardcore gamers with AMD HD3D-pro !!

C] Third end users for 3D screens, could be professionals and/or serious gamers, including AMD HD3D-pro, professional users !!

Adept I

Some Other, very important issues and facts about 3d Stereo scopics:

Infact, there are 2 new, 3D-movies annouched for the professional cinema's, for the next 3 weeks, so there is a good change that this movie comes out later with a 3D-bluray for the home cinema users!

3D stereoscopics technology, can not die, because of the simularity with VR!!

Because both with 3D and VR, the graphic-card have to generate two graphic camera's positions.

3D and VR only use different lcd screen technology!

My future multiplayer setup with VR and 3D are: One player has a VR headset and plays a game, other players can watch the graphics on a 3D stereo-scopics screen, but the camera movement is controlled by the VR headset!

There are professional examples, where 3D stereoscopic screens, is a better solution then only VR!!

Next i want to inform AMD, with my current hardware setups for (serious) 3D/VR Gaming, and my hardware plans in the near future:

I have a 3D-Beamer, we watched 3D movies and games, in 1080p/24Hz frampacking bluray mode, on a screen with 110 inch diagonal, that is about 7.87 feet wide!!

I still have Nvidia 3D Vision 2 running on my game-latop, including 3D vision2 at 2560x1440 at

120Hz!!, which is a better solution for high speed camera!

I have two televisons, they are: 55Inch UHD 3D Oled screens:

I can sent my televisions a UHD-side by side 3D signal, with my game laptop and the 3D-plugin sofware and my televions can create 3D, which is twice as much megapixels for one eye, compared to the megapixels for one eye, with the current 3D bluray technics like 1080p/24Hz framepacking, which is not very suitable for clear high speed camera movements, allthough my beamer has frame interpolation!

Another fact: DoveTailGames Trainsimulator 2019, gives 0.0 3D result with Nvidia 3D vision2, BUT 3D in this DTG-trainsimulator 2019, works very well with HD3D and the 3D plugin, or with only the 3D plugin with side-by-side 3D mode !

Right now, i can not start a new company, for 3D/VR (serious) gaming, because i have no highend AMD graphic card with HD3D and i can not buy a legal licence for Tridef-3D/VR !