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Journeyman III

When to rollover from GPU to CPU decode


I've a decode library that uses AMF, using AMD acceleration, when do I know when the resources are max'd so that I can degrade gracefully to CPU cycles?

My test Kavaria processor reports AMF_NOT_FOUND when I call:

sts = m_pAMDDecoder->GetProperty(AMF_VIDEO_DECODER_CAP_NUM_OF_STREAMS, &supported);

Do I read the remaining GPU memory apertures as a best guess?

Cheers for any pointers.


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Really have no idea what you are posting about. But found this at GITHUB concerning AMF: AMF/VideoDecoderUVD.h at master · GPUOpen-LibrariesAndSDKs/AMF · GitHub .

Copied from above link. Not sure if this is what you are talking about:

// Decoder capabilities - exposed in AMFCaps interface
#define AMF_VIDEO_DECODER_CAP_NUM_OF_STREAMS  L"NumOfStreams"   // amf_int64; maximum number of decode streams supported
Journeyman III

Thanks for the reply.

I can link and call the function you suggest at run time:

m_pAMDDecoder->GetProperty(AMF_VIDEO_DECODER_CAP_NUM_OF_STREAMS, &supported);

However, as I suggest, the function returns AMF_NOT_FOUND.

Note all other calls to Get/SetProperty seem to be working.

Returning to the scope of what I'm trying to achieve is best done with an example;

I'm looking to create a generic AMD interface for decode across all AMD GPUs

On lower end AMD chips, I can get x2 1080p @ 25 FPS decodes,

On higher end chips much more, say 10 decodes.

For lower end chips, on opening the third decode, performance across all decodes will reduce.

To avoid this, I need to know when to stop calling AMD for accelerated GPU decode and revert back to say a software library for decode.

Hope this makes sense,

NVIDIA and Intel have working functions for this process.

I'm unsure why the AMF_VIDEO_DECODER_CAP_NUM_OF_STREAMS does not work.

I do need to test on more AMD devices other than the Kavaria...



your best bet is to open an AMD EMAIL SUPPORT Ticket.  They may be able to direct you to the correct AMD Forum that deals with what you are trying to do. Email Form

Also this might be the best AMD Forum for you to get your answer : Devgurus . If you have problems posting your question. Post back here to let us know.

Copied from : Devgurus


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Journeyman III

Cheers for the direction, I'll try this route next, appreciated.