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Journeyman III

When playing Minecraft, the game is crashed.(AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics)

First, I start the game.

The game is loaded then I am into a world.

When the world loaded, it crashed.

My game launcher tells me it crashed, and I upgraded/downgraded my JRE, but it doesn't work.

I won't downgrade my Graphics Card Driver, because I can't find it in AMD Software.

And my Graphics Card Driver is very new.


I think it is Graphics Card Driver's wrong.

Because my launcher tells me "Upgrade or Downgrade JRE / Downgrade or Upgrade your Graphics Card Driver"


there have some Chinese logs because my launcher is from China.!AnRRJEy3iSMPdf_ujBlP0vLB1Hs?e=RqCepB




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