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Journeyman III

When GPU is under load, applications other than the 3D application visually freeze

I only started having this issue when I switched from an older card to my RX 580 series and the newer Adrenalin software. When I'm playing 3D games, particularly if I don't cap the framerate, other 2D applications visually freeze (web browsers, discord, etc, even overlays like the steam overlay). Even if the application isn't completely maxing out the GPU it happens. If I cap the FPS of the game to a low value (like 30) everything returns to normal. It seems like other applications aren't being allowed to take resources from the  3D application. This makes it difficult to type responses to chats or make forum posts or read web pages while playing a game.

Is there a way to fix this? It's extremely aggrivating to have to keep capping/uncapping the framerate just to reference a website or respond to a chat message, a problem I never used to have before this.

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