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Adept I

What is Maximum RPM for a GPU?

Trying to find answer, googling here and there and found no exact answers.

What is maximum rpm for a gpu?

buy used XFX RX 480 GTR 8 GB with big fan.

trying 2 bios switch for playing AC Odysses with high/ultra setting

bios #1 (right side/stealth)

temperature 90 degree-ish, some time hit 93

fan hitting like 2000 rpm

bios #2 (left side/performance)

temperature hit 70 degree-ish

fan hitting like crazy around 4000 rpm

i like performance bios of course temperature so-so i think, but the fan very loud, a whole house can hear it, looking rpm percentage in radeon software and found nothing, so i wonder 4k rpm is what percentage rpm? i'm worried it'll bounce at some point or wobble because the fan is hard swap meaning i can change it without any screw.

so how much is maximum rpm for a gpu? (some time i miss read on some forum that 2000 rpm is 100%)

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Re: What is Maximum RPM for a GPU?

The coolers each gpu maker / model use are mostly custom. So it is different. You would be best to ask the support department of the company that made you card. This is not something typically on a published spec sheet. 


Re: What is Maximum RPM for a GPU?

I should add that bios 2 option is likely what you should use. That sounds about right. Polaris cards are toasters and the fans are loud at times because of it. That is not abnormal.