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Journeyman III

What do I do in eyefinity setting?

Hi everyone,

I built a 3-monitor system for a game like dirt rally, race 07.
3 acer monitors operate at 5760x1080 resolution.
I have a problem if I set the monitor in eyefinity mode, the screen will blink green when I leave the game.
But only in this mode. If I step out of it, there is no problem with it, there is no problem.
There is an ultra wide monitor, there is no error. Anything I try with 1 monitor (29WK600-W) for maximum graphics, no problem.
If you switch to 3 monitors and are not in eyefinity mode, there's no problem.
As soon as I cross the eyefinity mode, I will play out the game, move into a browser or another game, then the error will occur.
It is interesting that in 18.9.1 it appears in the browser, even in the game menu, but not in the game.
But there are drivers like the newer ones that are also present in the game.
I share a google drive link, made a video of the error. 
Here the game is set to eyefinity mode
I have tried a lot of drivers. 18.3, 18.5, 18.6, 18.8, 18.9-10, 19.3.4, etc.
There are quite a few drivers that will display this error.
What could be the problem?

My machine:
Ryzen 5 1600
16 gb ram (2x8gb dual channel) 2133mhz
Sapphire Radeon Rx580 8gb
3x acer 21.5 "V227QBIP

Windows 10 pro up to date system
No tuning anything. Factory setting only.

Someone's idea what's wrong?
Thank you for your help and apologize for the English! Google translator...