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what are normal temps for WX 7100 under load?

I recently got a second hand Radeon Pro WX 7100 and I am wondering if I got a lemon. if I do intermediate benchmarks like FireStrike or Haven Unigen, the GPU temps reach mid 90s (Celsius). something tells me, this is not normal, is it? I am talking say 10 minutes or less of benchmarking. it seems the fan quicks in too late. I am using it in a water cooled big box Alienware Area 51, which has two intake fans for one for the PCIE area (including GPU) and other for CPU+Memory areas.

I noticed, I guess it is obvious, there is no fan control curve in settings (no WattMan) neighter on ProDrivers or if I switch to Gaming Drivers.

is there a decent AMD or third party tool I can use?

Many thanks,

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Re: what are normal temps for WX 7100 under load?


I have Radeon Pro WX 7100 too (even two radeons).

I was worried about high temps and I felt bad with this.

Yesterday I've decided to replace thermal paste. After this operation I'm shocked.

After 14 minutes of rendering (in Blender) with two monitors connected, temp stays at 67 degrees.

Before it was 85 degrees all the time (with fan at max speed).

I wanted to change thermal paste in second card (93 degrees and I've interrupted render) and again I was shocked. There was vram heatsink missing and plastic started to melt.

I think it was amd supprise for me - that second one was a replacement for previous overheating card.

Now I think that I've sended them good card - I only had to change thermal paste - and they sended me card without vrm heatsink and with unknown past.


Re: what are normal temps for WX 7100 under load?

For whatever reason this workstation card does not list a maximum temp on the AMD site, like the gaming cards do. I can tell you though that it's polaris gaming counterparts have a  95c limit. I as well as many other polaris owners find that these cards start having issues at well below that temp on some of our cards. Mine gets really bad at about 83c and throttles heavily. 

Your thermal compound could be drying up and need to be replaced. If the card is under warranty you could as for an RMA. Or take on the task yourself.