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Journeyman III

Weird Problem with GPU and RAM


I've been having this problem for a while now. Asked about it on many forums no one knew the fix. So I finally decided to take it to the manufacturer.

First of all my specs:

CPU- AMD A8-6600k APU - Overclocked to 4.5 Ghz

GPU- AMD Radeon R7 250 1gb gddr5 Sapphire

Motherboard- FM2A88M Extreme4+

RAM - 8GB ddr3 1600mhz Kingston

So I have gotten into the closed beta of the new game valorant. And  the game has really low standards  in case of performance. My friend that has a significantly weaker pc runs it at same fps I do ~70fps which drops to 40 in fights. That is all on low settings. The problem I have found was that my GPU usage was really low ingame and sometimes it even dropped to 17%. It seemed like a cpu bottleneck but it wasn't. Then I proceeded to overclock my cpu just in case. It did not improve my performance at all. Temps were kind of mid-high. And I was so frustrated dealing with this crap all week. I dissasembled my pc cleaned everything by hand and put it back together with new thermal paste. Temps got a lot lower but no improvment. Then I ran some stress tests in  burnin. Then I noticed that when I test GPU and CPU alone GPU usage was around 90 percent most of the time. Then I slowly started adding other tests to the stress test. And finally when I added RAM my gpu usage dropped to 30-50%. Then I thought cool ram is cheap I'll just add more ram. NOPE! Borrowed from a friend additional 8gb of ram no improvment. Then I started messing around again. And decided to run a benchmark test but only allow 50% of my ram usage. And when I did that the GPU usage and fps in the Asteroids video was even better without the ram. Around 95%   with constant 65-70 fps. Honestly I've been messing around with this for weeks. I am at my wits end. I honestly think this is fixable but  I can't seem to know how. I really need your help please AMD shine some light onto my cursed pc!


Also to add my ingame RAM usage was quite high while cpu usage remained at 80%. And also when I would enter practice range or a custom game my gpu usage would be  80% and I would get an orgasmic 150-200fps ingame. But as soon as I enter an online game it plummets.  

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Honestly it is hard to say. I have no experience with the game you are playing. The fact it is BETA would make me think that likely it has issues with its engine optimization, so a game issue. If other games are fine, I would really think this. 

The other thing is that usually adding an overclock to the APU can be problematic. In fact any OC can be on any processor. Some think that just because it doesn't blue screen or lock up that the OC is beneficial. Many overclocks cause processors to throttle when they otherwise would not. Many OC's look good in benchmarks but throttle like crazy in games. So it is really hard to say. I would remove any over clocks and see what you get. Then test other games to see if they exhibit the same behavior. 

Again I do think that it is likely just this game. I did a quick google search of valorant beta frame issues and got a lot of hits. People with much more powerful hardware than you on team red and green saying they only get 20-50 fps at low settings. 

Being a beta the game engine and likely the drivers just are not optimized.

Even the fact that it tanks when you join an online game screams game issue. The AMD driver doesn't care you are online. The game engine and its netcode and how it handles multiple users does. 

I would give your feed back to the the game developers support department. Usually this is what they are looking for during a beta.


It was like this before the overclock.

I've been talking to their support for over 2 weeks and they are constantly giving me some gimmicks to do and non of them work.They have claimed how their game can run even by a potato pc but I think my pc isn't a potato. They have claimed you can get 30+fps with integrated graphics. They talk about how good the optimization is but it just isn't for some users. Their twitter has been popping off with low fps issues. They said they think they have a fix 2 weeks ago but it hasn't been initialized.