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Journeyman III

Weird artifacting coming from my 6800xt from certain games

My gpu was working fine yesterday then after playing a bit of apex i started getting these weird artifacts and crashing issues in certain games. i havent overclocked my gpu at all and the card is only 3 months old. ive tried uninstalling reinstalling drivers and downloading older ones but none of those have help so im turning to here.

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What are your pc specs including PSU and Adrenalin version please..

Try a different cable too..

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A stated .. list full PC specs including make/model of your PSU, GPU and other components, case you are using as well as type of cooling on your CPU/GPU

Generic things to check/do

Make sure you have good air flow in your case

Make sure you are running separate power cables to each power input on your GPU

You can try adjusting your fan curve on your GPU to ramp up more when gaming

Make sure you have latest chipset drivers installed for your setup from either Intel or AMD's websites

You can run the program called DDU .. remove all things AMD, and Nvidia if that was a past GPU you ran on this Windows install .. reboot .. and THEN install latest GPU drivers from AMD's website

Make sure your Windows install is up to date

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Journeyman III

Heres a better clip in apex

The adrenaline versions ive tried are the latest 22.8.1 and an older 22.5.1, both have the issue. Ive also formatted my pc and reinstalled windows 11 on it
My psu is a corsair RMx 850w 80 PLUS gold, the airflow where my gpu sits is pretty mediocre but i dont think itd cause my gpu to start randomly giving artifacts on some games like in the video above, especially since it was so out of the blue
Other specs:
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