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WebGL issues in Chrome and Radeon graphics

Hi Guys

has anybody solved the issues with 3D WebGL rendering in Chrome - latest drivers, latest Chrome, windows 10

Card is a 2Gb HD7700 - although problem has been on 3 PC's with radeon graphics

The problem is renders is triangualting on the edges in the 3D renders - works on other embedded graphics cards/drivers fine

if i put a different non Radeon graphics card in the same PC the problem goes away

if i run in microsoft edge - the problem goes - but cant use MS edge its too proprietary and not suitable for the kiosk experience

If somebody wants to replicate - a client has an experience on their website so in the public domain

Scroll down you will see the load experience button on the right of the blue car

when loaded full screen it

Any advise would be appreciated, its not to do with HD acceleration


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Not familiar with WebGL but found this tutorial that may help: 3D Graphics: A WebGL Tutorial | Toptal  and also this website : WebGL Overview - The Khronos Group Inc  and from Mozilla concerning WebGL: The WebGL API: 2D and 3D graphics for the web - Web APIs | MDN

Here is the latest AMD Driver for the HD 77xx series Desktop GPU card for Windows 10 x64: Desktop .

Try posting your question at this AMD Forum for OpenGL & Vulcan since WebGL is based on OpenGL coding: OpenGL & Vulkan​ or here at Google WebGL Dev list: Google Groups