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Journeyman III

we detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system

I have a radeon rx 5600 xt and this message has appeared 5 times.

When this happens, I cannot play any type of video (YouTube, Facebook, in any browser and even videos saved in my own files).

If I restart the PC everything is fixed, but I would like to know how to fix it and what is the problem.

For now it has not happened while I play  games, it has happened while in Chrome or even on the desktop.

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Re: we detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system

If you're not using the 20.8.3 driver, than you'll want to try doing so. The newer drivers aren't so hot for the 5000 series cards. 

AMD Radeon™ RX 5600 XT Previous Drivers | AMD  Scroll down to the 20.8.3 and download it but don't install it yet. 

Get DDU from: Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (  At the bottom of the page look for the closest mirror to you and download that but don't install it yet.

Ok, disconnect from the internet and reboot into safe mode by holding the "shift" key while selecting "restart". At the blue screen select "advanced", "startup options", "safe mode", no networking is needed. The PC will reboot, enter your PW or pin to get to the screen. Now install DDU and run it, selecting to uninstall the AMD GPU driver. Default options are fine. It will uninstall the driver and reboot.

Now install the 20.8.3 driver you downloaded and see how it works. Oh and if you still have an issue, list your full system specs in your reply.


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