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Journeyman III

Warzon FPS drop with 6900 xt phanton gaming

Hi all,

i've a question for you cuz i'm going crazy.

I just bought an AsRock 6900xt phantom gaming OC to replace my old rog strix 2060oc. On Warzone a get much more fps then befere (about 180-200) but the problem is that they often drop.

I've done a clean install with DDU, I play @ 1920x1080 and while with the rtx2060 i got always 110-120 fps everywhere, with the 6900xt i got fps drop from 180 to 110 in the same place and a second later the turn back to 180.. It's very annoying when the frame rate drop, it's like a lag and the game doesn't go smooth like it should be.. And this happen constantly.. Also in the main menu i see sometimes the fps drops..

Have you got any idea about it ? My cfg is:

- intel 9600KF clocked to 4,7 ghz with 1,26 vcore;

- Z390 aorus ultra;

- 32gb DDR4 corsair @ 3200mhz;

- corsair tx850m;

- 6900XT asrock phantom gaming OC