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Journeyman III

War Thunder keeps crashing - Radeon 5700

Hello I recently purchased a Radeon 5700 Graphics card along with Ryzen 2700X. I play on 2K resolution @75Hz and the games keeps crashing at launch or in menus/loading screens.

Same for the game Rainbow Six Seige which I have been completely unable to play since the game crashes every time I fiddle around the menu or aggressively Alt+TAB between the game and other applications. Turning WT graphics down to medium has lowered crash frequency but this such a shame since the Card can handle way more than that at more than 200 FPS. Other crashes involve browsers to go black and any video software to crash and/or cause BSODs.

I'm kinda new to this whole driver update thing. Are there things I am doing wrong? Any features that might be causing these crashes? (Everything is plugged in right and all hardware & software have been checked and double checked).

Also do drivers have special support for specific games? If so can War Thunder be added in the near future?

Thanks for answering I'd be really disappointed if this Card ended up being unusable due to constant crashes and BSODs.

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