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Journeyman III

VSR for RX 5500 XT ?


One month ago i bought a radeon RX 5500 xt nitro+ gpu and everything was working fine... However two days ago i realised that i haven't enable the VSR (Virtual Super Resolution), so i navigated to the settings and i tried to find the VSR button below the display tab. I was really disappointed to find out that there wasn't any button to press. I even tried to clean install the drivers but nothing happend. I searched the VSR compatibility for GPUs and amd claims that all RX 5000 series are compatible. I know it doesn't affect the performance of my gpu but it would be nice to have the option to render some games in better resolutions. Do you have any idea on what should i do now? Should i wait for a newer version of drivers ? Or my budget gpu doesn't support vsr at all?

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