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Journeyman III

Videos with bad image/artifacts

Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with videos, when I put videos out of focus/background (minimized, using another tab) the image gets something like a low resolution, then shortly after it comes back to normal, but it happens all the time, in all browsers, in VLC Media Player, Splash Video Player, and so on, it's not that big of a deal but it annoys me when I go back to the video still playing and have to wait for the image to get back to normal, I searched everyone for this but found nothing, either because I didn't know how to search for this specific problem or I didn't search hard enough.

I think this is something on the configuration on my Radeon settings, either something off or on that's causing this, I'm using Win 10 Pro and a Radeon MSi Armor RX580 8GB.

I attached both images for comparison and show what I mean with this problem (they are named "Bad Image" and "Good Image"), I took the photos with my phone because screenshots don't capture this issue, another reason that I think it's something in the Radeon or Windows settings.

Thanks in advance!

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