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Re: Video lagging on Vega 8 Graphics

One of my home machines is based on Ryzen 3200G and it suffers from the same issue.
Youtube 1x speed playback or watching Twitch (no matter the resolution) eventually results into heavy lag until the page refresh. (during these events system usually get's unresponsive and it's often not something that can be done quickly)
GPU core and each CPU core usage aren't maxed and are not any close to be maxed out according to hwinfo64 or msi afterburner monitoring.
It happens both at stock settings and when overclocked (4000mhz core clock, 1700mhz gpu core clock, 2x8GB 3466mhz RAM)

Windows 20H2 with all updates
2GB allocated
Latest bios
Clean chipset and video driver installation haven't helped
Temperatures are in check and don't exceed 65C
It's not ISP bandwidth limitation since there are other computers at home that don't have such problems

Obvious guess is that it's related to Radeon Software

I suggest to everyone with the same problem report it to AMD by launching their bug report tool within the Radeon Software