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Journeyman III

Video Editing with Radeon RX or Radeon Pro WX

Hello AMD Community,

First of all, happy new year to all of those who will be around!

Then my concern is very simple, I am mainly doing not professional video and photo editing and I am thinking about my new PC built, and I wonder if a "gamer" graphic card or a pro ones would be better for my usage.

Of course both will do the job but what about the most tailored for it (even if I know that the software used will make a difference)?

I have in mind the RX500 series or RX5000 series for the gamer/consumer section, and the WX3200, WX4100 or WX5100 for the pro section. There is no problem for me to add some $$ to go on a same specs card but on the Pro range, I just would like to know what would be the gain (if any - (render time, energy efficiency, noise level...). The opposite is fine too (go for a gamer card because it will be more efficient).

Thanks for your help!